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Some milestones

Friday, May 6th, 2005

Here are a couple of milestones to tide you over till we have something more interesting to tell. Right now we are just in what’s called the “paper chase.” Which is exacly what it sounds like. Chasing down all the vital records and getting all the proper stamps of approval etc.

Here is the story so far.

We received our acceptance from our placing agency, Harrah’s on March 11th, 2005.

Welcome to Harrah’s Adoption International Mission

Darren and Janice,

This email is being sent to tell you that your
registration application has been accepted to begin
your China adoption. Today we will send you our
introduction packet. This packet contains the
following documents:

–To Do List
–Summary Information Sheet
–Agreement of Understanding
–Refund Policy
–Post-Placement Agreement
–Choosing Qualified Social Worker
–Home Study Agency Approval Form You can go to the
Adoption Resources Directory to find a home study
agency: or

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We will be
inviting you to subscribe to the hfsFAMILIES yahoo
group, which will help you by being in contact with
families who have adopted or are adopting using our
services. We encourage adopters to introduce
themselves to the list, scan the archives &
participate as they wish.

We look forward to working with you and answering any
questions you may have throughout this entire process.

Warm regards,
Erin Dendy, HFS

Here’s the url to HFS if you’re interested:

Since our placing agency is based in Texas, we had to find a California agency to do our homestudy. Since the CCAA (China’s department that oversees domestic and foreign adoptions) is very picky about what agencies from which they accept applications, we had to get an approval from Harrah’s for the homestudy agency we chose.

We received that approval on April 26th.

Home Study Agency Approval

Hi Darren and Janice,

Good news… your home study agency is approved!
Please let your SW know to expect our home study
packet that I am sending today via snail mail.

Thank you,

Erin Dendy, HFS

The agency is called Adoption Options based in San Diego. Here’s their url:

We’re putting in the application to the homestudy agency this week, which will begin the next exciting portion of our journey, house cleaning. Heh.

Next time one of us will talk a bit about the homestudy and what it involes. Meantime, we’re just paperchasing for Lorelei.


Janice and Darren