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Another Update

Friday, September 23rd, 2005

OK, we’re late even by our standard. Things are currently still stalled so not much to report except my petty complaints. 🙂

Got my physical done and Darren is scheduled for next week. I have now had to return my paperwork to the doc 3 times!!!! Sheesh! Next time I guess I will call around to see someone with some experience with adoption physicals. I love my PA but unfortunately they want an MD to sign off. Doctor is nice but jumped in way too quick. Oh, well. The staff at my medical clinic have been extremely nice about making this happen. I will have to send them a thank you card when I finally get everything back.

So after we get all this paperwork back we should shortly have the homestudy draft and then will apply to USCIS. That will be the next big step. In the meantime we can send in all off our other paperwork to be certified by the State of Cali and Authorized by the Chinese government. Fortunately that is what our Dossier consultant is for so we don’t have to run around to 15 different places. Then Darren and I will put together our letter to the CCAA and some photos and whatever other odds and ends need to be done. Currently hoping to be DTC by end of October. That puts us in the April or May timeframe for a referal. A little later than we had hoped but still all good.

So, last time I promised to talk a little about the name we have chosen. We’re trying to break this in slowly as there is legal family who may or may not get the whole alternative surname thing. Well, anyway, Lorelei is a name we both really like. It is actually German in origin but the exotic feel to it seems right. Besides, we really look forward to teasing her about tempting men to sail to their deaths. (

Shannon as many of you know was my brother’s name. (I’m saving my mother’s name for the second girl if there is one – and I loved my father but not likely to stick any son of mine with Otto.) We had thought about Shannon Lorelei instead but decided we like Lorelei better as a first name. Now depending on what her Chinese name is we may keep some portion of it as a second middle name. Hey, people in some parts of the world still have more by-names than that. Get over it! 🙂

Now, as most of you know, neither I nor Darren has an especially melodic surname. My family name is way too long and while I never changed it because of personal reasons, I rarely use the whole thing. Even at work they don’t use my full name. Maybe especially at work. Anyway, I don’t really want to stick my kids with it. And, well, I know it is a common name in Germany, but here in the US my Dear Husband’s last name is simply a red flag in front of the bull that is the bulk of American children. I’m sure she will have issues enough without having her be self-conscious about her surname. So we decided to go for Door Number 3, an entirely new surname. We wanted something that would reflect something of our families’ backgrounds and Friese is proper for both the Dutch and Alsatian ancestry. There’s also the SCA connection. For those SCAdians among my readership, Darren used a German Physician and Cartographer, Lorenz Friese, as one of his sources for documenting his persona. Both of our fathers were or are men of a scientific bent so we also liked that connection.

A number of folks have asked if we plan to change our names. Well, not right now for sure. Too much hassle when we are in the middle of things. It’s not a simple process even at the best of times and when we are trying to get all the paperwork together for this adoption, really not good. And then there are the relatives and the question of whether they might object. A discussion for later I guess.

So there it is. Yes, our little girl will be her own UN. German, Irish, (and possibly Chinese) and Lowlands names for our little American girl who just happened to be born in China.

She’s out there waiting. We’re coming as fast as we can!

Much love to all and sundry,

Janice and Darren