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Monday, November 21st, 2005

We got some not so good news today. Seems the CCAA (the Chinese department that oversees all adoptions in China) is going to be slowing the pace of foreign adoptions in the near future. This will increase the wait time between when the dossier is logged in China and the referals to 10-12 months. So we are scrambling to get things in so as to shorten that time as much as possible. But I’m very sad about this. It means we don’t know at present how long it will take to get our Lorelei.

Well, I guess the CCAA has been reviewing some things about their adoption policies. China is putting more of an emphasis on domestic adoptions now and is unwilling to increase the number of foreign adoptions allowed each year. In additon, the CCAA has a lot more reponsibilies now and has been going through some reorganization. This is going to slow everything down. It’s very sad because they had worked so hard to get the wait down over the last few years and now they are changing their priorities again. Well, counting our blessings: at least the program is still open.

So everyone think good thoughts for speedy gathering of our remaining documents, quick authentication of our dossier and for the LA USCIS to be running faster than the project 6 weeks for the approvals to come through. I really want to be DTC no later than January so we have some hope of seeing our girl in 2006.