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Getting closer

Friday, January 6th, 2006

This week we finally recieved the draft copy of our home study report. So we will be sending in the I600A form with that shortly. This is the form requesting permission from Homeland Security to adopt from a foreigh country. Then we get fingerprinted (again!) and yet another background check (that makes three!) and hopefully in due time an approval from the agency-formerly-known-as-the-INS in the form of the I71H. That will be the last major peice from the governemt. We are currently working on our letter and getting pictures together. Then our dossier consultant will do a hurry up job of getting everything authenticated.

Here’s the draft of our letter. I thought you might all appreciate it.

To the Officials of the China Center of Adoption Affairs:

Mother: Janice Xxxxxxxxxxx
Birth date: June 16, xxxx
Birth place: CA
Citizenship: United States Citizen
Profession: Network Analyst

Father: Darren Xxxxxx
Birth date: September 6, xxxx
Birth Place: CA
Citizenship: United States Citizen
Profession: Principle Engineer

We wish to adopt a child from the People’s Republic of China. We would like to adopt a non-special needs child between 5 and 18 months of age. We are happy to adopt either a boy or a girl.

We both have a strong desire to be parents, to experience the love that is unique to the parent/child relationship and to give of ourselves to a child that is our own. We know we can give our child a secure, loving home with many emotional, educational and economic advantages. We also both believe that raising a family will be the most rewarding and important adventure we will undertake as a couple. Although we are healthy, our families have a history of genetic diseases that could be passed on to biological children. For us, adoption was always our first choice – it was something we discussed well before we were married. We knew we wanted to adopt from somewhere in Asia as we have both have a strong emotional and intellectual connection with various Asian cultures. We decided on China after much research into the available adoption programs and especially after talking with many people who have built their families through adoption from your country.

Janice is a systems administrator for a division of an automotive-industry company. Darren is a software engineer for a large Internet Service Provider. Janice will be reducing her hours to part time when our child comes home. Darren’s company is very family-oriented, allowing him to be flexible in his hours. We have many family members living close by and an extended network of friends with whom we spend much of our time. These will be our child’s “aunts” and “uncles” providing a strong support system for our family. We enjoy a variety of activities from music to mountain biking. We are both very inquisitive people who enjoy reading and research, especially about history and various cultures. We are active in a world-wide organization that is dedicated to the study and re-enactment of life in the Medieval and Renaissance eras. This organization is child-friendly and we plan to include our child in these events to give him or her experience with a broad range of cultures. We also plan to expose her as much as possible to the culture of her birth country. Darren is a wonderful cook and has already learned to prepare many dishes from around China. We plan to incorporate Chinese festivals into our family’s year and to learn the language of our child’s birth province. We have already built ties with other families with children from China and hope to tap into the large Chinese-American community in our region.

We promise never to abandon or abuse our child and to treat him or her with all of the love and respect we know we would give to any child of ours, adopted or biological. We are both very education-minded so will raise our child to love learning as much as we do. We promise to care for all of our child’s needs and to be sure he or she grows into a healthy, responsible and loving person to be proud of.

We thank you for considering us for the adoption of a healthy child between 5 and 18 months from the People’s Republic of China.


Janice and Darren

Getting so close to the real wait… none of it is fast enough. I know it will happen as it is meant to but patience has never been one of my strong suits. Ah, well, maybe therein lies the lesson huh?

Bright blessings to you all,