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Fastest Government Office Visit Ever

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Saturday we went to get our fingerprints done at the local INS center in Oxnard. It was a slightly surreal experience because this was the most efficient, knowledgable and friendly staff of government workers I’ve ever had the privilage to deal with. Not only was the office open in the afternoon on a Saturday(!) but we were literally in and out in 20 minutes. Mind you apparently they were plenty busy in the morning (for future reference after 1 on a Saturday is the best time to visit this particular office.) Off course, we were just there to get our fingerprints done – and that is all this office appears to do, so one should hope they’d be good at it. But still, come on, it’s the government. Where was the standing in line to take a number to stand in line? The “this isn’t the right form” moment? I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.

Anyway, one more step out of the way.

And in even better news the officer at the LA USCIS told me last week she should be looking at our file some time this week so the I71H may be closer than I thought.


The Homestretch?

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

I just got word this morning that our homestudy agency has sent notarized copies of our final homestudy to our dossier consultant and the Los Angles office of the USCIS. This is very exciting as it means we are finally in the last stretch of the paper chase. Now it is just a matter of getting our finger prints taken and final approval by Homeland Security in the form of the legendary I71H.

While we are waiting on that next bit of paper, our dossier consultant will be busy getting all of our other docs authenticated by the state and the Chinese government. Once that is done and we have the I71H, everything gets packaged together and gets sent for translation. Then off to China. Yey!

I am making no predictions on the timing of this now. I’ve been bitten way too many times. I just want it all to happen soon so we can at least be in line for brining our daughter home this year. Right now I am just focusing on the fact that we’ve made another big step in our journey.

Blessings to all,