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One Month into the Wait

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

In case anyone is interested, here is the URL for the CCAA:


At the right of the main page, about ½ way down, you will see the Document Processing section which tracks the status of the dossiers currently in China. The first entry refers to dossiers that have gone through the “review room” and into the “matching room.” In other words, these prospective parents have passed muster and will, at some unknown time in the future, be matched with a child. I’ve heard rumors that the CCAA is currently reviewing October and November and there should be some movement there soon.

The second entry is the one to watch. It is the status of the referrals for each month. The last update was on the May 24th or so. So those with LIDs on or before June 15th, 2005 would probably have gotten The Call on May 26th, 2006. This group waited almost 12 months for their referral. The April referrals had a cut off date of June 5th, 2005. That group waited just about 11 months.

As you can see the pace is crawling and currently getting slower. The last three months running, the referrals have only covered about of week’s worth of LIDs. It makes all the adopters nervous, including me. 11 and 12 month waits are a far cry from the 6 to 8 months we were looking at when we started. I try to keep that in perspective though. At the height of the SARS mess the wait went up to 14 months and they managed to get it down to 6 months within a year. Over the years the pace has slowed and sped up numerous times depending on countless factors from world events to the whims of the orphanage system or new directives for the CCAA. So, things could get worse but eventually they will get better. And I am counting our blessings that we are logged in and the program is still open.

While we both hope that it will speed up soon so we can meet our Lorelei, we are prepared to wait the time it takes to get out daughter. We know it will happen. We both believe that it is meant to happen.

That doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated by the wait from time to time. Like every 5 minutes. 😉

Until next time!


Janice and Darren



Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

Miracle of miracles we have a Log In Date! We were officially logged in with the CCAA on April 25th, 2006. This was a week sooner than we thought it would be and also many weeks sooner than we thought we would know. LIDs have been, on average, about two weeks after DTC and then it has been several more before the agencies hear about it from the CCAA. But ours somehow squeaked in with a VERY quick turn-around.

It’s so exciting. I am very much hoping the current wait till referal begins to go down, though judging by the last two months of referals, I may be living in a dream-world to even hope. But for now, I am happy with the two major steps taken toward our Lorelei and am willing to wait and see.

Until next week that is. 😉
I’m going to try to keep doing roughly once a month updates, though there won’t be much to say for a while now. Please stay tuned in though. One never knows what will happen in the world of international adoption.

Blessings to all,

Janice and Darren

waiting for Lorelei Shannon!