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‘Nuff Said

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Stop! Talking! About! Angelina! Jolie!


‘Nother round of referrals. Prepare for the next emotional breakdown.

Thanks for listening, ya’ll.




You are Coming to a Sad Realization. Cancel or Allow?

Monday, March 5th, 2007

(Why, yes, I do have a sick sense of humor. Why do you ask? 😉 )

The good news is that the latest referrals began arriving today. Once again, major congratulations to those who have waited so long to see their child’s face! I can’t even imagine the joy of that moment.

The bad news is that Oct. 24th 2005 is the cutoff. That is 11 days’ worth of LIDs since the last batch. That’s right. 11 fracking days!

Another month down and no speed up in sight.

I’ve been holding out hope for the predicted speed up for many months now. People with more knowledge and evidence in hand than I had were so sure that the forces causing the slowdown were transient and that time would sort them out. But most of these factors have been addressed or should have shown some effect by now. And that has clearly not happened.

So I am coming to the sad conclusion that there will be no speed up. Or even a stabilization in the wait. At least not soon enough to do us any good. Our agency is still trying to tell us we will have a referral by October but I think they are smoking something and I wish they would share. At this point I will be happy if we see a referral in 2007 at all!

Another time I will try to explain all my reasoning, both for and now against the speed up. I am simply sad beyond words right now.

Please light candles, say a prayer or send a little energy our way depending on your personal spiritual path.

We can use whatever help we can get.