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Thursday, August 30th, 2007

We lost a friend yesterday. Someone from both the SCA and our spiritual community. Forgive me if I don’t go into details. I don’t like to spread gossip and I am sure I don’t know all the facts. Besides, this involves other people’s grief. I want to respect their privacy. But spare a few moments of prayer in whatever form for a young boy who has lost his mother and a man who has lost his love.
It is a sharp reminder of how short life is. Everyone do me a favor and check in, OK? Post a comment, e-mail me, whatever. Just let me know you’re well.

With sadness…


And big hugs too


Sixteen Months

Friday, August 24th, 2007

So tomorrow will be 16 months since we were LID with China. And almost 2 ½ years since we started this whole journey. It’s probably redundant for me to say this is not where I thought we would be by this point back in 2005. It’s probably even more redundant for me to say how depressing this is.

I feel like we are still being stymied in our efforts to adopt. Even though we have made the decision to start a concurrent adoption in Vietnam, not much has happened in that regard. There was a flurry of activity to find the agency we wanted to work with. Now we’re being stalled out by contract negotiations, health insurance snafus and other stupid stuff. Cannot even get the never-sufficiently-damned home study update finished to get our I171H renewed!

Crap! (Actually much harsher phrases are in my head but I’ll refrain.)

All in all I find my faith in this process being assailed on all sides. I want this to happen. But there are times I am not sure I believe it will happen any longer. Is the Universe trying to tell us something? Or is this another type of Test? Of our patience, resolve and will to be parents perhaps? I don’t know. It’s depressing and right now I feel like crying every time I think about it.

Also, it seems everyone around me is having kids and I am sooo jealous. I know that sounds awful. I am happy for them (or at least I am when the Universe is not so utterly revolving around me that I forget 😉 ) but I just feel so sad that it is not me.

I had my honest-to-god first Insensitive Comment ™ the other day. I was lamenting about the wait to a person that I thought understood why we had decided not to have biological children. This person said to me I could always just change my mind and have, to paraphrase, “kids of my own…”

Fortunately this is not a close personal friend or a family member. And I guess the lesson here is: don’t share the reason that one is adopting to anyone that is not Family. But it still shook me. This is also a highly intelligent and usually sensitive person so both the assumption that it would be a simple thing to change such an important decision and the “kids of your own” comment took me completely by surprise. I shut up and left the room after the comment was made. I don’t know if this person got the message or is they think I am just a bitch now but either way, I really don’t care. I may take the time to educate a little more later but right now I’m too pissed.

I guess I don’t have much more to say here. Sorry to be such a downer.

On the plus side my nose doesn’t require any surgery, I now have an embarrassment of riches in respect to my opportunities for horseback riding and Vegas was a blast. Plus we are gearing up for a great big birthday for my darling Darren. And Great Western War is in the not-too-distant future. So I have some things to look forward to.

Meanwhile, we’re waiting, just waiting for Lorelei Shannon or Baby Boy (still gotta think of a BOY name!)





Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

I broke my nose this weekend. Yes, you read that right.

First time Debbie lets me ride her horse and I go and break my nose. Liam is a 4 year old Dutch Warmblood who stands 17.2 or .3 hands high. He’s a BIG boy – and he has a terminal case of “puppy brain.” So he was being a bit skittish with me and I was trying not to let him get away with it. Unfortunately at one point he caught me off guard. He went up and I went down and I only managed to stay on ’cause my face connected with his neck. I made him take another turn around the arena, just so he didn’t think he’d won, and then got down.

My friend Pat who is a nurse looked at it – she thought it was probably broken but since it wasn’t off-center and there wasn’t much blood, she advised ice and pain killers. But by Monday morning I had a serious case of “racoon eyes” and she advised me to go in and have it checked out. Nice crack down the center of the bridge. No orbital damage and there doesn’t appear to be much damage of other tissues (other than bruising.) Pretty fortunate actually.

I follow up with the ENT next week when things are less swollen and they can see better.

I’m not nearly in as much pain as you might think. It’s mostly just uncomfortable but sneezing and laughing are pretty painful. I got the V for at night otherwise I wouldn’t sleep. But I feel a bit groggy.

Oh, and I don’t recommend breaking your nose (or anything) just before going into the doc for your physical for the homestudy update. Doctor looked at me very funny. Fortunately the doctor’s office is in the same group as my urgent care so he could access the records quickly and therefor still give me a clear bill of health. It was kinda amusing really.

So that’s my latest adventure. Going to Vegas this weekend despite it. LOL.




I Luv LOLCats

Friday, August 10th, 2007





August Referrals

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Referrals began arriving today. Looks like the cut off is Nov 21, 2005. Another stinkin’ 7 day batch.

But major congrats to all the new moms and dads!