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The first step is admitting you have a problem…

Friday, October 31st, 2008

So, it’s 1:30am and I’m desperately refreshing pages on 3 different polling and political commentary sites looking for more election updates to feed the monkey on my back. WTB new Pennsylvania polling data, PST.

On the upside, this has got to be the Discordian contribution to the election season/financial system meltdown. Even as cynical as I am, I can’t believe the prosperity theology goofballs would actually be on Wall Street worshiping a golden calf

Technology rocks.

OK, time to try to sleep for a few hours before checking the morning daily tracker results. Sigh. It can be Tuesday now?


Effigies Taken Down in WeHo and Redondo

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

An update to my rant from earlier in the week. After a loud public outcry, visits from the Secret Service, the LASD, protests from his neighbors and a long talk with the mayor of West Hollywood, Morisette finally took down the Palin effigy. Supposedly he’s removing the McCain part of the display as well.

Also taken down today was the lynched effigy of Obama that right-wing idiot Lisa Castaneda of Redondo Beach put up as part of her Halloween “display.” She claims it was “only” a political statement. No, scum-bag wing-nut, putting up your McCain/Palin lawn sign is a political statement. Hanging a man, especially a black man, in effigy is hate speech. Once again, 1st Amendment protections and all, but I also have the right to point out what a racist asshat you are.

I just don’t get it. It’s one thing to disagree with a candidate, even to dislike him or her. It’s another thing entirely to portray acts of violence against that person. Man, politics brings out the worst in some people.

Good thing that is the minority though.




On the Flip Side

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Just when you think there isn’t any hope for the humanity, someone goes and does this.

Can you even imagine?

I’ll have more to say later I think but for now: wow! Just wow!

Also, Gov. Crist does The Right Thing by Florida voters.

I am in awe of all the people willing to stand in line for hours to vote early. I’m still a teensy bit worried about Election Day.

Trying not to be paranoid.




Attention Left Wing Idiots

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Yes, I am talking to you, Chad Michael Morisette of West Hollywood, CA.

You do not help our cause by your ugly and violent displays against McCain/Palin. (You’ll have to Google it folks – I’m too outraged to include the link.)

Free speech rights are all well and good. And I am glad we live in a country that enshrines such in our Constitution. But I am going to exercise my 1st Amendment right to call your a frakin’ idiot for your little “display” of… whatever the hell you were trying to say.

This kind of thing is both disgusting and antithetical to the liberal beliefs we hold dear. I don’t care for either Palin or McCain but displays that celebrate violence against any person, regardless of how strongly we disagree with their politics, are appalling and wrong, regardless of who is doing it.

I also take exception to you saying it is somehow less shocking and horrible to hang a woman in effigy. Yes, lynching and the terror it engendered in the African-American community is still a gaping wound and terrible blight on our country’s history. But the US has not exactly been kind to women, of any color. (Do I need to recite the history of the violence perpetrated on women over the centuries here?) Any portrayal of an act of violence against a woman, any woman, is not just sexist but out-right misogyny.

I might also add that burning or hanging people in effigy may not exactly be the image the gay-friendly community you live in wants to present either. I don’t know whether you are gay yourself, but if you are, you should care about how this reflects on the rest of the GLBT community.

Actually, even if you AREN’T gay you should care how this reflects on your community at large. On the state of California. On liberals. On men. And on the candidate I presume you support!

Sweet unicorns on a pogostick! (Janice trying not to take anyone’s god(s)’ name in vain.) With “friends” like these, who the hell needs enemies?

Updated to add that my hero, Keith Olbermann, named Morisette his Worst Person in the World for today:

He gets to Morisette around 1:17.




Variations on a Theme

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Sorry to belabor the point – if you can’t tell, this No on 8 thing is a tiny bit important to us.

Also, this is just incredibly cool.




How Can These People Call Themselves Christian?

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

WWJE (Who Would Jesus Extort?)


What is wrong with these people?!

No way. No how. No on 8.




Lynn and Bill, You Might Want to Check the Condo for Bugs

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

From Xkcd

Admittedly I’ve had similar conversations with my husband.

It’s ain’t easy being a geek. ::sigh::




Yep. This.

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Saving this one for future reference for myself as much as anyone out there who actually reads our musings about civil rights and politics. Not excerpting it, since the whole thing is short and brilliant:

(Yeah, I’m sitting at home immersed in politics and society while watching the NFL today. It’s my life, and it makes me happy 🙂 )


Election Update

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

In addition to the Powell endorsement, the Obama campaign also released some revolutionary fund-raising numbers today. In addition to the mind-boggling total of $150 million, the way they got there is what’s going to hopefully change politics in this country forever (via DailyKos):

* 632,000 new donors last month alone.
* 3.1 million individual donors to date. No PAC money at all.
* Average contribution for the month is still under $100 (for the year, the average is $86).
* Retirees and students are the two groups which have given the most contributions.

It’s impossible to overstate how huge these numbers are. We’ve never seen this much grassroots participation in a national campaign before, and the momentum is only growing. I never thought I’d emotionally geek-out over a political campaign the way I do over stuff like this:

As we head into the last 2 weeks of election season I am more excited and optimistic than ever before in my life, and really hope and expect enough of my countrymen will agree here, as this is likely to be the most important and historic election I’ll ever see.

Update: Now this is what integrity looks like:


Major Endorsement and Movie Review

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

There’s been a lot of speculation about it this weekend but today it is official. Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for President. Despite my consternation for his (however reluctant) support of W’s rush to war in Iraq, I still respect General Powell and appreciate the import of his choice. Powell is still very well respected in our country and – along with the many thinking conservatives who have come to the conclusion that Obama is our best choice – I hope Powell’s endorsement will sway some persuadables out there that Obama is ready to be Commander and Chief.

I have long thought that Obama’s cabinet would include both Democrats and Republicans and Powell’s name was on my list. I think this pretty well seals it though I could be wrong. One thing I’ve learned over these last months is that I can’t always anticipate what Obama will do. But he’s been right about so many things, including the choice of Biden as a running mate, of which I was at first skeptical. I trust him to make good choices for his cabinet, too.

Coming down to the wire. Early voting has started in many states. If you are in one of the states that allows early voting, I urge you to do so as I think Nov 4 is going to be hectic at many, many polling places. I almost applied for an absentee ballot here in Cali but Darren and I both agree that just doesn’t seem momentous enough. We want to go pull the lever (ok, in our case, fill in the bubble) for Obama in person.

Also, No on 8. Regardless of how you feel about the issue of same sex marriage, the ideal of the United States has always been the safe-guarding of the rights and equality to her citizens. We in California have a proud tradition of protecting those rights as well. Our courts repealed anti-miscegenation laws in 1948, almost two decades before the Loving decision. We should not let bigots and out-of-state forces scare us into amending our state Constitution to take away rights guaranteed by our Equal Protection clause.

On a slightly different note, went to see Oliver Stone’s W. last night. I have to admit I am torn between admiration at Stone’s audacity for bringing this out so close to the election – and months before the man himself leaves office – and being appalled by same.

Overall I thought the movie was well done. Stone doesn’t take as many of his usual liberties with historical accuracy as in past movies perhaps because so much of it revolves around very recent events. In some ways this is a far more sympathetic look at our 43rd president than I think he deserves. I get the feeling Stone actually feels sorry for this man. The daddy-complex seemed a bit overdone to me – though by all indications that does seem to be a pretty big motivation for the real-life W.

Josh Brolin does an eerily good George W. Bush including that slightly grating Texan accent. Elizabeth Banks is absolutely stellar  as Laura Bush. The relationship between the two is surprisingly sweet but her role as his “helpmeet” is pretty much what I had always imagined. James Cromwell and Ellen Burstyn are wonderful as George HW and Barbara, managing not to turn their characterizations into caricatures. And Cromwell does have the hands-down funniest line of the movie: “Who do you think you are – a Kennedy?”

Richard Dreyfuss portrays Cheney as just evil enough and gives about the most coherent explanation of what he and his cronies were really trying to accomplish in Iraq (hint: it really was all about the oil.) And Toby Jones oozes Rove’s sleaze without being over the top. I hated the portrayal of Condoleeza Rice. Not too strong a word. Hated. Whatever else she may be, Rice is neither stupid nor a toady – and Thandie Newton couldn’t do anything with the terrible script she was given. (Kinda wonder what Stone has against Rice over all the other scary criminals in this Administration.) The portrayals of Wolfowitz (Dennis Boutsikaris) and Rumsfeld (Scott Glenn) are predictably one-dimensional but understandable given Stone’s decidedly anti-war stance and their limited screen time. The picture of George Tenet (Bruce McGill) asleep in his bed while W makes his now infamous “Iraq trying to build a nuke” proclamation on the TV in the background is absolutely brilliant.

Which brings me back, as it were, full circle to Jeffrey Wright’s roll as Colin Powell. I think Stone nails the tight spot that Powell was in with this war. Powell knew that it was a bad idea, knew we needed international approval, more troops, an exit strategy before we could be remotely successful in Iraq. Powell walked a fine line between his duty to serve the President to the best of his ability and his own certainty that this was a Very Bad Idea. But as the lone voice of reason in an Administration determined to march to war, he is over-whelmed and gives in. As I said, I was and remain disappointed by his decision to go along with what he had to know was a horrible mistake, though I think he can be forgiven for not foreseeing the extend of the incompetence that has followed the invasion.

I’m hopeful that he will be offered and accept a place in an Obama administration and lend his undoubted experience and gravitas to the work of putting our nation back on track.

OK, now that I’ve gotten my political rant out of the way… eventually I promise I will post on our adoption. I wish I had some big news to announce but it really is more of the same – hurry up and wait.

Also, please send energy or prayers to my friend Amy who lost her mother this week after a long illness. I know just how hard that is and what she must be going through now. My heart goes out to her.

Hug your families. Call or write your far away relatives. Life really is just too short.

Bright blessings,