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Sunday, March 29th, 2009

My grandmother’s heart is failing. She has been ill for quite some time and the doctor found that the valves in her heart are not closing properly, causing blood to remain in the chambers. She would not survive surgery at her age and with how frail she is so a valve replacement is out of the question.

We don’t know how long she has but Oma is making her peace with her own passing so we all think it will not be long. She has lived a long and full life and I think she knows better than any doctor that her time is approaching.

She is content to go. She has peace with her love of God and knows she will see her husband, Opa Thomas, and all her family and friends who have already passed beyond the Veil to the place where all souls rest and those tied beyond bonds of flesh are reunited.

I am flying out to the Netherlands next week to say goodbye. In a way I guess it is a good thing that I’m unemployed and the fact that the airlines are having such huge problems means the price of the ticket is far, far less than it would have been say a year ago. So I will take this mixed blessing.

I’m so sad. No amount of intellectually understanding that she is in her late 80s and has had poor health for some time can make it any easier. My heart is with my Aunt Joyce, who is finding this so hard as well. I don’t have to imagine how hard it must be for her, not be unable to do anything to help her mother.

To all my family in the Netherlands, I love you and will see you soon. I wish it was under better circumstances but I am so glad I will have this chance.

Please pray for my family, light a candle for Eugenia, a woman of towering strength and courage who we are going to miss so dearly.

Many blessings to you all, my beloved friends and family,



Prop 8 Arguments Before the California Supreme Court

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Sorry, still not a real update.

One of the few perks of not being employed at the moment is that I got to watch the arguments live on-line. It was a bit hard to follow on the Cal Channel’s stream (we have satellite so we don’t get the actual Channel) so I ended up watching it on the SacBee site.

The guy arguing for the Attorney General’s office was just awful so it was a good thing that Minter and the other co-counsel were far more brilliant. And Ken Star, the bastard, was honestly up there arguing that the rights of the minority can be voted away by a 50%+1 majority. Keeping it classy as always, Ken.

Here’s to the California Supreme Court doing The Right Thing one more time.

Oh, I am also really excited about GLAD had launched a suit on behalf of Massachusetts couples challenging DOMA in Federal court. I cannot say I am optimistic about the chances of success and I am really kinda hoping we can make the lawsuit moot by getting it legislated away. But that may be even more of a stretch than the current SCOTUS overturning it.

Blessings all,