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Tentatively Back on the Roller Coaster

Friday, February 26th, 2010

So our agency posted that the next batch of referrals is in the air and will probably hit the States Monday.

The latest rumors have this batch going through 4-11-06 (reminder: our LID is 4-25-06.) If that is the case, we are about on target for a May or June referral! So I am tentatively stepping back onto the adoption roller coaster and hoping for the best. Right now that mostly consists of reading way too much Rumor Queen and a new stack of adoption books on the bed stand. And worrying that something else will come up. *sigh*

It has not, in fact translated into actually doing anything about the baby’s room yet. *major sigh*

Despite being (still) unemployed, I seem to have no time to do things. Besides looking for work, I volunteered for a bunch of SCA stuff and have been out everyday with with Joseph the Skull Crusher (long story, maybe I’ll tell ya later.)

Also, my husband bought a Wii. This is a Very Bad Thing.

This being out of work stuff has seriously killed my time-management skills. As well as brain cells. Seriously, if I don’t get back to work soon I am fixin’ to regress to a 3rd grade level. LOL!

Anyway, hoping very much to hear some good news on the job front here soon (seriously, this has been the longest hiring process ever!) So stay tuned.

In other good news (knock on wood) my aunt may be getting a new trailer in a process that has been going on nearly as long as we have been waiting for Lorelei. This will be a Very Good Thing so hoping it goes through soon! More details after it has gone through and I’m not worried so much about jinxing it.