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One Month

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

One month ago, our lives changed forever when they placed our son in our arms. It is so hard to believe it has been as long and as short as that. 😉

And, yes, all the pain and sorrow of the wait have very much faded into the background. Having Alexei with us now is more than worth it all.

Things have been rather eventful since we got home. As previously noted, it took us a couple of weeks to get over the jet-lag and the creeping crud we brought home from China. Alexei of course recovered first. We were hard-pressed for a few days to keep up with him while still trying to get enough drugs, rest, sun and food to get well and back onto PDT. Alexei took almost 2 weeks to get back into his normal schedule, which he is currently trying to throw over again, just as predicted by Linda C and his Aunt Mindy. 😛

But we are definitely getting into a rhythm and have been slowly meeting friends and family in small groups. Hoping for him to meet Grandma and Grandpa G and Aunt Marne and cousin Karlee in the not too distant future. Grandma R and Uncle Paul are hoping to come out some time this fall as well.

Our attachment seems to going very well. He has definite opinions about what Mom is and isn’t allowed to do without Alexei. Leaving the room or being out of sight for any amount of time is a tough sell. And he gets very clingy as he gets tired. 😉 He also lights up for Dad and likes to watch everything Dad does, including cooking. All very good signs of appropriate attachment.

Progress in that quarter seems to be going very well so bigger events may soon follow. Maybe even have the promised big welcome home party some time soon. That is if we can get the house in order. Still have to fix the downstairs bathroom before then I think. Anyone have drywall experience out there?

Alexei is also making big strides developmentally. He is getting better with “tummy time” and can reliably roll over onto his back when he is tired of that. He is getting very close to sitting up on his own and can pull himself up to a standing position with a table or Mom and Dad’s hands or the new walker to hang onto. He has mad stepping skills and it is only the lack of balance that is keeping him from full-on walking. Watch out world!

Tomorrow he sees the pediatrician for his first stateside well baby visit. Hoping to see real progress in weight gain and height. He sure seems heavier and taller than when we first got him!

My boss has very kindly let me take a couple more weeks off so I have the whole of October to spend some time with the boy and work on transitioning to day care. Still looking at a few more options on that so if any of my parental type friends have suggestions for small in-home daycare providers, feel free to let me know.

Oh, a word on toileting: yes, this involves discussions of poop so move along if you don’t care to know about it. Some of you may be aware that the Chinese actually “potty train” their babies. In China they rarely if ever use diapers. Instead they learn the toileting signals of their baby and take them to a toilet (or let them go over the gutters when out and about.) The Chinese keep their babies and toddlers in what are known as split pants until they are old enough to take down and pull up their own undies.

As they get a bit older and are more able to do so, the Chinese teach their babies to poop and pee on a schedule or at a signal. (Of course they still watch for their child’s signals and help them to a toilet or gutter when needs be.) They hold the baby under their legs with their back against their chest and give the signal and the baby goes.

We have not tried to do the peeing thing with him, opting for diapers for that. But as he is pretty regular about #2, we’ve been using a potty-training seat on the regular toilet and letting him do his business there. As a consequence we’ve only had to deal with about 4 poopy diapers! Yay!

OK, my parenting friends, I know you are jealous! 😉 Admittedly we are terribly lucky – he came to us with this potty habit firmly established and he hates to go poop in his diaper. On the other hand he pees like a champ so keeping up with him would be very hard and he doesn’t seem to mind diapers at all. So he is as happy about the way of things as we are.

Anyway, boy is down for his nap so I am going to get some food and try to get anything else done before he wakes. A bit of cuteness before I go…

Love and bright blessings,


Our happy boy!