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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

It is such a wonderful feeling to finally be celebrating the holidays with our son! It makes a world of difference to my outlook on them, for sure. And even though I miss the family who has already crossed over, those in other parts of the country and those over-seas, today I feel close to them all, knowing their love is with us and how happy they all are for our good fortune after so many years waiting.

ETA: Pics!

Mad stepping skills

Stackie cups and shoes - the best toys

Uncle Wolf and Alexei

Soooo close to walking!

More gratuitous cuteness

Many blessings to you and yours,

Janice, Darren and Alexei


What a Difference Two Months Make

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Our little one has been home for two months now and boy! is he making big strides… almost literally. He is now crawling! Not very far yet, he’s mostly just going from toy to toy in his room – for getting up and moving he still prefers Mom of Dad to hold his hands and let him “walk.” Well, mostly “run” really – the kid does not do anything slowly. He sits up reliably (which is loads of fun for changing diapers and stuff) so we had to take the top layer out of the co-sleeper as it was no longer safe. He can pull himself up to a standing position on nearly anything and can move from item to item without assistance. This morning I found him standing up in the co-sleeper – time to move everything off of the bedside table!

He’s getting more teeth now – his top front molars have come in and now the bottom ones are breaking through. He’s also getting his top eye teeth in. Yikes! Poor boy. Alternating baby Tylenol and Orajel seems to be keeping the cranky pants at bay but we had a couple of bad nights before we got the right formula. He was also sick for nearly two weeks! Ugh! But despite illness and teething (and sick Mom and Dad) he’s still a pretty darn happy boy!

He’s doing very well in day care. His care provider is fabulous. She’s been doing child care for 20 years and it is definitely her calling. Alexei enjoys being around all the toys and kids and her little dog (Nattie) He’s the youngest one there – the next oldest is 18 months and was a little bit jealous when Mrs. D started paying so much attention to him. LOL! But now she gets all excited when he arrives and gives him big hugs.

He still is not using any English words except for Mama and Dada – Mrs. D insists he says “doggie” though I have yet to hear it. But he is a very vocal child, and has discovered the wonders of yelling especially in the echo-y hallways of our house. His babbling has taken on a more English cadence so I don’t think it will be long before we get real words.

In the adult world, I started back to work which has been both good and bad. I miss being with him all day but I think I am much saner getting out and speaking with other grown ups on a regular basis. I’ve also been able to get back to riding which is my biggest outlet for keeping me sane. Darren very kindly takes the boy on Sundays so I can go out for gymkhana practice – I’ve gotten to ride a couple of different horses including the “land rocket” Zia which has made for fun and exciting riding.

The cats have adjusted OK to the baby. Ebony will even put up with him “petting” her for a time though she has very much mastered the art of being out of his reach. After years of eating only dry food, in recent weeks she has decided she really, really wants wet food but really doesn’t understand why wet food is not available all day as dry food is. She also got suddenly very picky about water so we ended up buying one of those water fountain dishes. Our poor Kipper has to be crated now because he gets lost if left at liberty and can’t always make it to the litter box reliably anymore. He puts up with Alexei for short periods on the couch but I usually end up having to put him back in his home. It’s hard to watch him get old and less able but he is still plugging right along, stubborn and demanding as ever.

OK, a couple of pics and then bed time for Mommy!

Blessings all,


Enjoying the SB Zoo

Alexei's First Halloween Costume

Milk carton - nearly as much fun as an empty water bottle