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Saturday, January 29th, 2011

So I have been remiss in keeping up. So here is a quick update and some pics.

So the last month has been pretty eventful. Alexei went from walking only with help to his first few steps alone to full on self-sufficient walking! We bought him some “walker” shoes a few weeks ago, they are specially designed to help early walkers with balance so they’ll be more confident taking their first steps. That same day we actually got his first solo steps!

But after showing us he could, he pretty much wouldn’t walk on his own. He preferred to walk with Mom or Dad or whoever would walk with him than go it alone. Then, a couple of weeks ago he suddenly decided he was ready to go solo and he was OFF! There was little stopping him but the small matter of not being able to get up off the ground by himself. He still needed someone or something to help get him back to his feet. It was fun watching him try to get up off the ground – he clearly knew what to do but just couldn’t get the how down. So while we could see our doom coming, it was not quite entirely upon us.

That changed this week, too. He can get up off the floor reliably by himself now and our doom is complete. (It was funny to watch him the first few days because he had to spread his legs wide apart to get enough leverage to lift the front part of his body up.) He is fully mobile and wants to show us at every opportunity. Man, it is time to buy a kiddy leash ’cause that boy is fast! He loves carrying things around while he is walking – the big empty Sprite Zero bottles from the recycling can is his a favorite.

Alexei also suddenly started climbing stairs (aieee!) and loves art. He will drag us around the house making us look at all the pictures hanging up in the house and gets excited about artwork he sees anywhere. He of course is still thrilled by music so we are listening to a LOT of it everyday, especially at meal times. Lunch and dinner should always include music in Alexei’s world. He is still fascinated by lighting fixtures as well as books and will “read” them to us.

On that subject, he is definitely working on true verbal communication. He has a couple of noises in lieu of words that mean “I want that,” “up” etc. He’s started saying “go, go” when he plays with cars or when we get into the car. And he is attempting to repeat words. He says “boom boom,” “uh oh” and something very close to “gentle” and “kitty.” I think it won’t be much longer before we gets lots of real words. Again, he has the tools he just has to make up his mind he can use them.

Unfortunately in addition to those advances, Alexei has now developed a serious dislike for being told no and started having mini-meltdowns when he feels particularly resistant to being redirected or stopped. And hitting. *sigh* The terrible twos aren’t supposed to start yet!

He has all the first year teeth and is starting to outgrow 12 month clothing! At nearly 17 months this is a good thing.

This week his Grandma R visited from Boston. Alexei immediately took to her. They are best pals and I think he will genuinely miss her. The highlights of the week were a trip to the zoo and Grandma R baby-sitting for a night so Darren and I could go out just the two of us! Yey!

Well, I have about used up the patience Alexei has shown with me being on the computer. A few pics to keep the revenging hordes of cute at bay.



Before his first haircut

After his first haircut

Alexei and Grandma R

Yep, still cute!

At the zoo with Grandma

I love the zoo! And walking...

"Helping" push the stroller - he walked mre than half way around the zoo like this!

Climbing the hill in the children's area - he also really enjoyed sliding down it with Mom