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An Attempt at an Update

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Alexei is definitely making  big strides.

As I mentioned, we’ve begun the language explosion we were waiting for – he is talking up a storm, now, not always understandably but he really, really wants to communicate. A typical sentence from our boy is something unintelligible and then “choo-choo.” Or “ball” or “car.” He’s also relented on the horse = cow thing but now they are all “Jo-jo” which is even funnier. At the Wharf the other day he kept exclaim “There’s Jo-jo” at every picture of a horse. Seriously. Every. Single. One. He’s also gotten a few more signs. Interestingly, except for a few words, he always uses the sign for some words and always uses words for other items. He rarely mixes signs and words and we cannot get him to say some of the words he has signs for to save our lives. For instance he can sign “please” but never says it, he can say and sign banana and uses them interchangeably, but he never uses the sign for ball even though it is a really easy sign. *Shrug*

“I want that” or just “that” has replaced a lot of asking of things unfortunately. This of course leads to explosions of another type whenever he cannot get his wants or needs across: tantrums! Yay for being nearly two. LOL! He’s had to have a few genuine time outs for making bad choices like throwing things and hitting. But he is still a very happy boy by and large.

He’s really, really gotten into trains – he calls them choo-choos. He knows the word “train” but prefers the sound to the word. Thomas the Tank Engine has been prominent in our daily routine lately. Thank gods for Netflix streaming!

Somehow he snuck up to 32lbs and I swear he grows taller every time I blink! He has to duck to make it under the roll-out cutting board and everything needs to be moved back from the edges of the counters now.

He continues to enjoy gymnastics. He loves all the jumping and running and last week his hands were finally big enough to hang onto the rings and swing a bit (I’ll see if I can up load the video – its too cute!)

Our biggest challenge is still sleep. He’s always been a restless sleeper and for a few months we’ve been dealing with multiple night disturbances – he doesn’t quite wake up but cries inconsolably for several minutes at a time. It’s worse when he’s in the co-sleeper so he’s spent many, many nights in our bed. Lately the pattern has been he falls asleep on our bed, I put him in the co-sleeper and sometime in the night he wakes up crying to come into our bed and takes 15-20 minutes (or more) to go back to sleep. Then he wakes at the crack of dawn and wants to play with us. Sigh! So we decided to try something radical and buy a crib for him. We got a lovely 4-in1 so hopefully it will grow up with him. Today I put it together and lo and behold he LOVES it. He begged to be allowed to get into it when he first saw it. Jumped around for about half an hour or so and then we went down to have some dinner. Then at bed time, I laid him down in it with his bottle and he went down without a single bit of fussing. He finished his bottle, got a story and a back rub and fell asleep within 15 minutes with only a couple sit ups and a very small amount of crying. It may not sound like much but that is huge to me! Usually he simply will NOT fall asleep anywhere but in our bed. And even then it could take 20-30 minutes or more, with much flopping around and many times sitting up before he finally gives in.

So as I write he’s flopped over a couple times but has generally been pretty much dead asleep. Really excited to see if he is able to sleep through the night in there. Really hopeful. More sleep for all of us would be great.

His love of animals is still very strong. He really enjoys going up to the stables with me after gymnastics on Saturdays. He loves all the dogs that hang around Uncle Kelvin and Auntie Debbie’s house (and they all love him with only one exception) and we always have to go say hi to Liam and Aslan whenever we are out there. It’s really evident he misses our kitties, too. He gets so excited whenever he sees any kitties and cannot understand why Auntie  Debbie’s Binks is always hiding. LOL!

On that front, as I mentioned, we finally felt ready to add new kitty babies to our family and tomorrow we will be picking them up! We got them from a fabulous organization called Resqucats. The place is absolutely amazing and the woman who runs it and all her volunteers are lovely. We’ll be bringing home two little tortie girls – we wanted two kitties and preferably siblings who got along so they could keep each other company – and they’ll be renamed from their current Violet and Lapis to Sazerac and Bordeaux.

OK, pics then bed.



One of the last pics with our kitty girl Ebony

Contemplating world domination with Dad

Alexei loved the butterflies from daycare so much that one of them came home with us

Alexei and Sterling (Auntie Lynn and Uncle Wolf's cat)

Alexei and "Skullcrusher" Jo - my trainer is going to use this pic to shame big strapping men who say they are afraid of horses. 🙂

Yes, he is an SCA child. Why do you ask?

Sporting the Orange and sitting in his great-grandfather's nearly 100 year old rocking chair

Playing in the new crib. Yay!

Sleeping in the new crib. Double-yay!