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Monday, October 31st, 2011

OK, getting in a post before October (!) is over, so this seemed appropriate.

Alexei has been doing so well. His language is getting better and better. He’s starting to repeat back words – time to start watching our language! LOL! He’s starting to say a lot of words he used to only sign and he’s using more and more sentences. All in all he is doing so well for having to throw out his first language and learn a totally new one from the ground up!

We’ve had more struggle with sleeping but he’s been doing pretty well both with attachment and with sleeping in his own bed that we’re going to make the transition into his own room in the next month or so.

Unfortunately the cold season has been upon us for sure. He hasn’t been sick nearly as often as last year (thank goodness) and (knock, knock) no asthma issues.

He’s still loving gymnastics and gets more coordinated every week. He’s finally got two-footed jumping (as opposed to the skip/hop thing he’d been doing) down so that make the trampolines even more fun.

In September we went to the zoo with Brian, Tina, Bran and Killian. The older boys had a great time together. Bran is very sweet with Alexei and his little brother. All three boys seemed to enjoy the day and of course we had to go on the train which was a big hit with the two bigger boys.

The whole Hallowe’en season has been fun. We went to a pumpkin patch in Santa Paula with his daycare friends a couple of weeks ago. He enjoyed that very much though you could tell it was a bit overwhelming at times. He did love crawling on the hay bales and running through and trying to pick up the pumpkins. He loved the pumpkin chucker as did Mom. 😉

This past weekend we went with Auntie Boo on the Fillmore and Western Pumpkin liner – it’s a 20s vintage train the takes a short ride to a pumpkin patch just up the the 126. Alexei was sooooo excited about the train, especially when we were watching it move from the outside. The pumpkin patch was nice though I don’t think as nifty as the one in SP – still he enjoyed it even if he had no desire to go on the Jolly Jumpers. 🙁 Fell asleep on the train ride home as I figured he would but he loved the whole experience I think.

Anyway, I can hardly believe it is almost November and we’re heading into the Winter holidays. Looking forward to t-day and x-mas this year though. Paul will be out for x-mas – haven’t seen him in ages so it will be nice. And he gets to meet his nephew. Yay!

OK, not the most exciting of updates, but you really just come here for the pictures anyway.

ETA: Pics tomorrow. Boy had other plans for the evening.

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween.



This is how Bran and Alexei spent much of the walk around the zoo

Not a great pic of it but he's doing his own sign for flamingo

Alexei and Bran loved the dinosaur show.

Alexei and Killian were not as thrilled at this Bran hug though

The train!

Playing with koi

Fillmore and Western Train

Alexei and Auntie Boo



More koi!

Ride 'em, cowboy!