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Updates and an Announcement

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Good grief! I cannot believe it is almost June already!

Memorial Day greetings to all who serve or have served. Already memorialized my vet in the previous post but many heartfelt thanks and all due honor to those who have given their last full measure of devotion to their country and to those they left behind.

So back in March after the big D-land trip I decided to get a season pass figuring it was probably the last time I’m likely to do this since Alexei is still under 3. Boy! Best. Decision. Eveh! I am so enjoying being a season pass holder. It’s so nice to just decide to take off on a Sunday morning and go spend a few hours in the park then come home without feeling rushed or pressured to make it worth the 80+ bucks. Almost enough to make me wish we lived a little closer because it sure would be fun to pop over and watch fire works or whatever of an evening….

Anyway, we’ve already been a few times so there are pictures to follow. But a quick update since its been a long time.

Alexei continues to progress very well. His expressive language has always been on the low end of normal, as is to be expected given where he started. But he is really getting very understandable, using complete sentences, knows all the lyrics to his favorite songs etc. You can tell he’s moving out of the 2 year old and into the 3 year old developmental stages. His play has definitely changed and he’s well into the wanting to watch/listen to/have read the same thing over and over. We’ve watched Jungle Book, Lilo and Stitch and Nemo more times than I can count now and I have moved past being annoyed with listening to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom over and over. (It is on continuous loop on the drive home from daycare and now at bed time.) “I do it” is a very commonly heard phrase around here now! He still likes to try to “help” with the dishes and other household chores. He’s very good with helping put away groceries. He’s a very helpful little boy!

His bedtime routine has gotten complex. He brushes his teeth (and flosses!) then pjs, a story or two (or more depending on how amped up he is) then we rock with Mommy. This used to just involve Alexei laying on my lap in the rocker, then started to include his lovey Jo-jo (yes, a little stuffed horse who looks alot like the really pony) and now includes the lovey and his blankets. It’s quite a production especially when I have to get the whole kit-n-kaboodle back into the crib. Sigh! The things we do for our kids.

We’re going to convert his crib into a toddler bed in the next week or so depending on how long it takes to get the new rail. Found it on Amazon though for much less than where we got the crib, thank goodness. Not sure I’m ready for him to be in a bed but I know he really is. Found him trying to climb out a time or two and he really wants to be able to get in there himself so like it it or not, big boy bed, here we come.

He’s continuing to develop well physically. He’s over 36 inches and almost 32 lbs now. Still on the small side but we’re happy with his progress. He’s scary-agile – going to be lots of sports in our future I think. He’s obsessed with water so I guess it’s swimming lessons this summer. Good thing the pool is secure. He doesn’t like to get his face wet still so I don’t think he’s going to be a big diver or swimmer, at least not yet. We’ve been warming the pool for the weekend and yesterday stuck him in the hot tub (too windy yet to open the full pool) and he had a good time splashing around and floating with Mommy. He’s also really still enjoying our time at the stables. He loves riding with Mommy so far. I sure hope this continues because it’s great fun for me.

As for the announcement – wish it could be that we are adding to our family but instead, it’s my brother who is building a family.  He and his lady are expecting a child in November! A baby girl who will be named Pamela Ann. Her first picture:

Pamela Ann

Ok, enough of the words, here’s some pictures for all of you who just come for the cute:

He wanted to ride the carousel by himself this time!

We had to ride it twice!

He loves it's a small world.

We had to ride it twice as well.

Driving the Miss Daisy


Goats are great!

Alexei and me on the train. (We had to ride that 3 times!)

OMG! Treasure!

Examining the treasure

The treehouse on Tom Sawyer's Island

Navigating the treehouse steps

Monkeying around!

More monkeying around

Showing off my climbing skills

Water is FUN!

Look, I floss!

Rolling on the grass with Auntie Debbie

Rocks are great fun!

Climbing wall! Uncle Wolf, he's gonna need those repelling lessons soon!

Blessings All!