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Alexei’s First Gymkhana

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Last week Team *sniff* Fun Barn took over the TO Gymkhana like a street gang:

Team *sniff* Fun Barn

It was a fabulous day. Melissa and Zia took high point but me and Jo actually won a first against them in Speed Ball.

Speed Ball

A little turn of speed

Gymkhana scowl

Alexei did three lead line events, laughing and telling me to “go fast, Mommy” all the way. I was so happy that he enjoyed the day.

Notice Alexei's stirrups - thanks to Auntie Debbie!

Lead Line

More Lead Line

I had huge help from the Team *sniff* Fun Barn moms and dads with keeping the boy busy and safe while I was riding. I so appreciate my “barn family”!

Tomorrow I’ll be participating in my first SCA Equestrian event since da Boy came home. I’m excited! I hope Skullcrusher will be happy to get back to his favorite sport!




Happy Birthday, Oma

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

I miss you.



Oma and Me 2004

Joyce, Oma, me and Jim 2004

Oma and Me 2009