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November?! Who Let THAT Happen?

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012


So I love FB for keeping in touch but it does mean I neglect this blog even more than usual. Which I really don’t want to do as FB is not so great for being a record one can go back to over time. And I really want this to be a good chronicle someday for our boy.  Well, have to try to be more diligent I guess.

Hallowe’en was really nice. LE went with us the weekend before on what is becoming our traditional Fillmore and Western train trip to the pumpkin patch. Alexei rode the carousel as well as jumping in the Jolly Jumper and checking out the koi and the other neat things at the farm. It was a fun morning.

On Hallowe’en itself, Tina brought the boys over and Heather and Seth came with Eowyn and we all went Trick-or-Treating together. The kids hit nearly every house on our block and came back with more than their body weights in candy. LOL! Alexei only got really scared by one of the houses and I think he would have made it if Bran could have been convinced to go to the front, too, or it Alexei had just followed Eowyn. Heh. Little Miss Fearless that one.

We’ve had some ups and downs with potty training. He was going gang-busters for a time (candy bribery worked pretty well for that) but he recently lost interest so we’ve backed off and let him decide if he wants to go or not. He’s asked a dozen times in the last week or so, so we may try to pick it up with the long holiday weekend.

His language and other skills are coming along quite nicely. His memory is ridiculously good. He continues to be crazy coordinated. He’s been very sweet with the little ones at day-care, especially Baby Jack (more on that in a minute) and has been great with sharing and listening. Although technically they aren’t supposed to have true empathy quite yet, he shows distress when other kids cry and he tries to bring things to his buddy Andrew (who is a year younger than him) when he cries.

We’ve been having some resistance with  gymnastics. He still seems to have fun in class. He really likes his coach. But he fusses about going and a couple of times has had full on throw himself down on the floor tantrums about it. I’m thinking of switching to something else as I am just getting so tires of having this fight with him over and over. Sigh! Oh, and bedtime has been an adventure. Everything from dragging his feet to more tantrums. Ugh! I’ve tried a variety of different strategies but sometimes it just comes down to Mama does not negotiate with toddlers. LOL!

He’s had some regression or attention seeking issues the last few months. He likes to pretend to be a baby (he’ll tell me he’s “Baby Jack” and get me to give him a “bottle” (his sippy cup) while he cuddles with me, also feed and put on his clothes, both of which he’s quite capable of doing himself.  I’ve largely indulged him as he seems to need the attention/attachment play. It can get a little much at times though, esp when I am trying to feed myself. 🙂

But we are so blessed and so lucky, the normal bumps in the road aren’t much.

Little politics aside: big congratulations to President Obama on his re-election. It was a bit tense in the house leading up to election day and there was much rejoicing here when it was called for the President.  We were also very, very happy that there a lot of liberal victories aside from the President’s win. Big wins for Marriage Equality as well as efforts to roll-back the drug war. We now have 20 women in the Senate and a larger percentage of women in Congress than ever before, plus our first openly lesbian Senator, a bi-sexual from Arizona of all places, a very high percentage of people of color and a passel of rape apologists got booted. All in all, a good night and hopefully a good four years to come.

Got back a few hours ago from a fabulous trip to San Diego. Went down there with Kelvin and Debbie and LE and met up with Vicki. Saturday we did the San Diego Zoo, which was awesome as always. Still have to try to make it over to the children’s zoo with him one of these times. They’ve added some neat play areas to the zoo fairly recently which is really cool. Alexei seemed to be more interested in those and the various vehicle than in the animals but he had a good time anyway. Sunday we went to what will forever be the Wild Animal Park in my mind, despite the renaming. Haven’t been in ages and so most of it felt very new to me. But it was a great day. Alexei got to feed lorikeets, which was a big hit. He loved the tram. He enjoyed the weekend and all the time with his Aunties and Uncle. Thanks to all of you for making it such a fine weekend.

The next couple of months are going to be busy with the holidays, our anniversary and a ton of family events coming up. I’m looking forward to it all though.

Anyway, without further ado, more pictures for your delectation. LOL!