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1st Week of the New Year

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

Happy New Year!

Our NYE was pretty quiet. Rang in “New York New Year” with Alexei and then sent him off to bed. He’s been having trouble getting to sleep at night just lately – plus his naps are getting short to non-existent on weekends – and has been sleeping in a bit in the mornings, which is a mixed bag as it makes for long days and sometimes overly cranky boy. Ah, nothing ever stays the same with them does it?

We finally seem to have turned the corner on potty training with our boy. He’s been in big boy pants all week with only a couple of accidents and NONE at daycare. Even braved gymnastics and the rest of our Saturday routine today without diapers. Yey! Fingers crossed for a continuation of this trend.

Aside from that and having fun with plumbing, our first week of 2013 has been pretty uneventful.

Hope this finds everyone safe and well.



Holiday card


Gymnastics fun

More gymnastics fun

Alexei's present from coach

Helping with the plumbing

Mommy and Alexei

Climbing wall

Special treat for a dry day!

Playing with Sazerac

Playing with swords

Resetting our games equipment

Nice hit!

Best buddies sleeping