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This, too, is a Family Revisited

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Bumping this up in light of the arguments in front of SCOTUS this week.

I am livid for the families and parents being maligned today. You’d think I’d be inured to the bigots by now but not so much.

From June of 2008:

My post on same-sex marriage finally becoming legal in California, was going to be a lot different, more edgy, more challenging. Then I went back East to do the baby-naming ceremony for the youngest child of my wonderful friends Kix and Cathy. And I realized there is only one thing I need to say.

This, too, is a family:

Who has the right to deny it?

Congratulations to all the couples who will finally be able to make true before the State of California what has been true in their hearts, many of them for decades.

Blessings all,



And now it’s March

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Not much to say. I’ve been sick all frackin’ month and I’m just so tired I could curl up and sleep for weeks.

Alexei is doing well, though, he’s not been a happy camper with Mommy sick and his Routine all blown to hell. Ah, well, he’s a sweet boy and does well all things considered. He’s about to have a big growth spurt again if the eating is any sign. LOL!  He got a new, bigger trike this week – in pink because that’s what he wanted – and it has been quite the hit. Have to enforce wearing the helmet as he’s quite the little daredevil on it. He’s needed this new bigger trike for a while and boy can he MOVE on it.

Poor Darren is burning the candle at both ends taking care of me and Alexei while carrying work at a gallop. Hopefully I’ll get over this soon so he can have a break! And thank goodness for Sally and Richard as well who have been a big help as well.

Also Stacy, Alissa and Linda for helping me take care of Jo-jo.

Hope this finds you all well.



I'm too cool for school

I’m too cool for school

Happy boy!

Happy boy!

This is why we need a helmet

This is why we need a helmet