Who Needs Sleep?

Sorry, I’ve been too tired/busy to post a proper update. Suffice it to say our boy continues to grow and thrive. He’s such a joy and his learning and exploring of his world is so fascinating to watch. He seems to learn something new every day. He is also starting to look more like a little boy and less like a baby. He’s still pretty small for his age but as of his 18 month check up all his measurements are on the American growth charts and his progress is very steady. His expressive language is growing though we’re still waiting for the major cascade which we know is coming. His balance and coordination are amazing, too.

We’ve been working on sleep issues for a while, trying to get him back into the co-sleeper vs in between us. It’s been a bit hit or miss. He starts off good but often in the middle of the night wants into our bed and at 3 or 4 AM it’s too much to try to get him to go back down. So for now we’ll just keep working on it. He’s also 20 months now and really beginning to show signs of the big 2 coming on. We’ve had some serious meltdowns over control issues (sitting in the high chair is the major source of drama this week) but overall he is still a very happy boy.

Alexei started toddler gymnastics in April and he is loving it. He’s still a little unsure about the parachute games – he loves to shake the parachute and go underneath and try to grab it but anything that involves being on top of the parachute is a non-starter. But he loves the running and jumping and tumbling parts. And the falling onto mats part. He finally found a world that IS made of pillows!

Sad news in our life is that our Ebony passed away. It was quite sudden though she’s been on the downside of a couple of conditions – still I thought we had a while longer with her. It so hard to say good bye to our furry babies. A cat-less household is so odd for us. But we need some time to heal before we think about adding new critters to our family.

Mother’s Day is Sunday and I am excited finally to be able to celebrate as a mom myself!

Well, hope you enjoy this little video. (Turn the sound off if you don’t want to listen to me play Over-Enthusiastic Mom. LOL!)

Blessings all,



3 Responses to “Who Needs Sleep?”

  1. Vince says:

    I think the Youtube link might be broken (still was able to watch it by looking at the source).

  2. Heather B says:

    Yep. Eowyn still ends up in our bed every now and then. We had the same thing, her sleeping between us for several months. We got her back in the crib by having it at the foot of the bed, and by taking one of the sides off, so it was more like a bed and didn’t close her in. She suddenly loved her “new” bed! So maybe try to figure out if there’s something about the co-sleeper he hates, and try to change it.
    Or we have a mini-crib that we can loan you.

  3. Kim S says:

    Heather is definitely on to something….try a few things and see what works…

    And welcome to the oncoming terrible two’s. 😉

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