Another Picture Post

Yes, I am too lazy to post a real update other than to say we are finally getting our explosion in expressive language. He’s even using complete sentences – “I want that” is his favorite phrase. “Ball” and “car” are by far his favorite words. All large animals are still “cow.” Still working on that.

In the next couple of weeks we should have new kitties. More on that when I have a little more time.

I know y’all only come for the pictures anyway!

Alexei loves his panda buddy

Balls are Very Serious Business

So are cars

Hercules, a friend's English Mastiff puppy, stands guard over Alexei and his bucket

Alexei shares his bucket with Hercules (they both thought this was great fun)

Alexei and Auntie Tina




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  1. Richel says:

    Looks like he’s getting tall!

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