First Disneyland Trip

So I thought I’d better get in the Disney post before NYE takes over.

With Paul being out here for the first time in 5 years to meet his nephew at last, we decided we should take our little one for his first Disneyland trip. We knew it would be crowded and crazy – the winter break is one of the busiest times of the year for the House of Mouse – and that doing D-land with a toddler would be a very different experience. We also knew our boy would really groove on all the holiday lights so we decided to brave it.

We got to the park a little later than I’d at first wanted to but that was OK. Alexei did his usual observer and decide thing when we first came into the park, just watching everything and taking it all in. But he got very, very excited when we got on the train. After the ride around D-land, we got a little food and made a plan for the next few things to do. Got fast passes for Autopia since we knew he would groove on the cars. Then headed over to Fantasyland to hit some of the kids’ rides. Had an interesting incident on Casey Junior – someone left a bag on the train we got on to, but of course this somehow went unnoticed by the cast members – despite a small child trying to tell everyone – until we were all loaded on. So we all had to get off while they called security to check it out. Had to laugh because if had been a bomb the security guard and probably all of us “behind the yellow line” (about 5 feet away if that) would have probably been dead – yeah, that makes me feel so safe. Not! Ah, well, everyone knew it wasn’t anything really.

After a few more rides and some poking around the park, we decided to see if Alexei would settle down for a nap (since he’d slept all of about 30 minutes in the car) – Paul and Richard headed off to do some adult rides and we went over to the infant center. BTW, if you have infants or toddlers, this place is awesome! They have multiple changing tables, many infant and toddler supplies for sale, nursing rooms and highchairs for a quiet feed. They were very kind to let me take Alexei into the nursing area to give him his bottle. Of course, he was having nothing to do with actually sleeping so we thanked them very kindly and headed over to Toon Town for more toddler fun. He loved this area, of course. Nothing he wasn’t allowed to touch or climb on, a nice little play ground and all kinds of things to explore. Donald’s boat was a bit scary due to that weird duck thingy in the entry way, but once we got past that he grooved on all the stuff to play with.

After that we popped by the Big Thunder Ranch to get a look at the reindeer and Santa’s cabin, then over to check out a bit of Frontierland and Adventureland! After a quick bite, it was time to hook up with the boys again. By then, it was getting on toward Alexei’s bed time, so we decided to hit one last ride together, Astro Blaster. Then we sent the boys off again for one last ride while we got Alexei into his PJs at the infant center and went to buy him a balloon.

Thankfully when it came time to pick balloons, Alexei by-passed the blinking ones for the more traditional style (although when did they add those silly outer balloons to them?) Now he has recently been learning his colors, though he only actually says a few of them (purple, blue and yellow) of which blue is his favorite, so when the balloon seller asked what color he wanted, I figured he’d name that one. So I was completely caught off guard when he said “pink.” LOL! Well, he was happy with it and both Darren and I were just glad we wouldn’t have to hide it under something to get home without blinding the driver.

We walked around a little bit more to say goodbye to the castle and the rest of the park, stopped to get Alexei’s first mouse ears and the Main Street Mad Hatter, then caught the tram back to our car. Alexei was asleep about 30 seconds after the tram started moving. So all and all a successful first trip.

So glad we got to share his first trip with my brother and cousin. Thanks guys for being such troopers and riding all the kid stuff with us.

Pics to follow. Next post will be in 2012.

Stay safe out there!



On the Tram

First Picture at D-land (Let me at it, Mom!)


Had to show Dad the train too.

Family shot on the train

Mom and Alexei on Casey Junior

Mom and Alexei on the Carousel

Paul, Dad and Alexei waiting in line

Dad and Alexei waiting for the car

Best ride yet!

Had to do this one again!

That's a funny piano

This is a great chair!

I wanna drive the boat!

What's that?

Nice view of Toon Town up here!

What does this do?

I love Disneyland!

My first Disney balloon

Did I mention I love Disneyland?

Waiting for Buzz!

Castle all lit up

I don't wanna go home!

First Mouse ears!

What is this thing, Mommy?

Uncle Paul steals Alexei's ears. 🙂

I'm not tired, Dad. Let's go....


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