I broke my nose this weekend. Yes, you read that right.

First time Debbie lets me ride her horse and I go and break my nose. Liam is a 4 year old Dutch Warmblood who stands 17.2 or .3 hands high. He’s a BIG boy – and he has a terminal case of “puppy brain.” So he was being a bit skittish with me and I was trying not to let him get away with it. Unfortunately at one point he caught me off guard. He went up and I went down and I only managed to stay on ’cause my face connected with his neck. I made him take another turn around the arena, just so he didn’t think he’d won, and then got down.

My friend Pat who is a nurse looked at it – she thought it was probably broken but since it wasn’t off-center and there wasn’t much blood, she advised ice and pain killers. But by Monday morning I had a serious case of “racoon eyes” and she advised me to go in and have it checked out. Nice crack down the center of the bridge. No orbital damage and there doesn’t appear to be much damage of other tissues (other than bruising.) Pretty fortunate actually.

I follow up with the ENT next week when things are less swollen and they can see better.

I’m not nearly in as much pain as you might think. It’s mostly just uncomfortable but sneezing and laughing are pretty painful. I got the V for at night otherwise I wouldn’t sleep. But I feel a bit groggy.

Oh, and I don’t recommend breaking your nose (or anything) just before going into the doc for your physical for the homestudy update. Doctor looked at me very funny. Fortunately the doctor’s office is in the same group as my urgent care so he could access the records quickly and therefor still give me a clear bill of health. It was kinda amusing really.

So that’s my latest adventure. Going to Vegas this weekend despite it. LOL.




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  1. Cat says:

    Oh my goodness! Here’s to good health and speedy healing! (And a fun time in Vegas) *gigantic hugs*

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