Well, sort of. Things are still in limbo really. China’s still moving at a glacial pace. The last round of referrals was through Dec. 14th 2005 – which means they did about 3 1/2 months worth of LIDs in all of 2007! We’re re-thinking Vietnam for various reasons. Not sure what out next move should be… My heart is still in Asia but there just aren’t many other options. <sigh>

This is so hard. Why is it so hard? Argh!

For anyone who didn’t hear I broke my ankle in Oct. Yes, another horse-related incident. Debbie has threatened to Velcro me to the saddle next time. Or told me that I should acquire a pony instead. Heh. I’m mostly back up and walking. Went to the Getty Villa last weekend and I actually did pretty well getting around – kicking myself for not taking the camera though. Anyway, as long as I sit frequently I’m getting about alright.  I had wanted to do Disney over my holiday break (one of the few perks of my company is that they are closed between Christmas and New Years…) but I think that is out. Darren, Lynn and Bill and I are going to Napa for the weekend before the New Year though so that should be fun.

In other good news, congrats to Heather and Seth on their new little bundle of joy Eowyn! And T-1 is pregnant with their third child. A boy this time. Poor boy. With two mothers and two older sisters, he doesn’t stand a chance. Even the DOG is a girl. 😉 Congrats to them though. That is so awesome…

I’m putting my head in the sand again about Christmas though. I’ve done NO shopping except for the Adopt a Family program the Salvation Army does each year. It’s a pretty neat program. My company is sponsoring 30 families this time! Which reminds me though, I have a couple of things left to pick up before we wrap on Friday. Guess I better do that tomorrow!

So, another downer post. But I do have some thoughts peculating in tiny little brain. Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll have something deeper to say.

Blessings all!



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