Fastest Government Office Visit Ever

Saturday we went to get our fingerprints done at the local INS center in Oxnard. It was a slightly surreal experience because this was the most efficient, knowledgable and friendly staff of government workers I’ve ever had the privilage to deal with. Not only was the office open in the afternoon on a Saturday(!) but we were literally in and out in 20 minutes. Mind you apparently they were plenty busy in the morning (for future reference after 1 on a Saturday is the best time to visit this particular office.) Off course, we were just there to get our fingerprints done – and that is all this office appears to do, so one should hope they’d be good at it. But still, come on, it’s the government. Where was the standing in line to take a number to stand in line? The “this isn’t the right form” moment? I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.

Anyway, one more step out of the way.

And in even better news the officer at the LA USCIS told me last week she should be looking at our file some time this week so the I71H may be closer than I thought.


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