Happy 2008!

Not going to make any comment on what I want really for this year – you know this anyway. And as per usual it’s kind of a raw nerve… But again, you’re already aware of that. Don’t want to be a downer today.

Holidays we OK. Went to Napa with Bill and Lynn this weekend, which was incredibly cool. Drank lots of wine and ate lots of good food. I’ll try to get pics up soon. “New York New Year’s” at Albra and Hans’s. A good time was had by all and Hans didn’t kick us out till 10pm. LOL! Kissed in the official New Year with the hubby and went to bed. Are we getting old?

Now that the new year has begun, you’ll have to indulge me in another moment of politicking. Please, please, please VOTE this year! In the Primary and in the General election. This is an extremely important presidential election (and in California there will probably be a bunch of BS propositions that need to be defeated…) and if don’t make your voice heard, then you have no right to complain afterwards. 😉

If you haven’t already, go here to register to vote. Do it now!




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  1. Kim says:

    So sorry we missed Albra and Hans…I’m glad everyone had a good time 🙂

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