So, New Hampshire? Not so much.

A very bipolar week for politics. After the elation of last week, the shock of Hillary and McCain both coming back has me fairly depressed. That’s the matchup I’ve feared all along — two viable candidates for their own party, neither of whom I’d ever vote for.

I’d love to see a woman in the White House, just not this woman. And McCain, despite all his adulation by even the left-leaning press, creeps me the hell out.

And while I don’t normally go in for blog memes or silly polls of this sort, I was fairly impressed by the results from this new Electoral Compass from a group of Dutch researchers. It put me on a line between Obama and Paul, with all the Democrats within my circle of agreement, but none of the Republicans.

That seems about right, especially considering the poll doesn’t cover areas where Ron Paul is a complete loon, or factor in confidence in a candidate’s leadership ability (which is what rules out Hillary, and most likely Edwards if he were more of a factor).


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