Fun With Scanners

Thought I would post some more ancient pics for fun:

Mom circa 1958

Mom’s senior portrait

Dad at a party in Thailand near the end of his tour of duty during the Vietnam conflict. As far as I know this was the closest he ever got to Indonesia again after leaving as a child. I remember him talking about being mistaken for a native while there and how pleased that made him and how he wished he spoke Thai. Sound familiar?

Mom and Dad – I think this was taken after he came home from Vietnam.

BTW: have I ever mentioned how my Dad proposed to my mom? According to Mom the conversation went something like this:

Dad: I have orders for Vietnam. Would you like to get married before I go or after I get back?

Mom: (after a moment of silence) Before you go.

How romantic, eh? My father, ladies and gentlemen. 😉

Dad, Mom, Paul and baby me! Taken shortly after Dad completed Officer’s Candidate School for the USAF – note the shiny new bar on his shoulder.

Many blessings all,



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  1. T1 says:

    Wow, your parents look pretty much exactly how I remember them! I can’t remember if I met your dad once or I only remember him from pics, but seeing these pics made me feel almost like I was seeing someone barely-remembered from my own family…

  2. Aaron says:

    Cool! I love old photos.

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