The magic form, she is here!

Apparently U.S. Homeland Security finally determined that our adoption would not, in fact, present a grave and immediate threat to the Republic, and has approved our paperwork.

Our I-171H form arrived the mail yesterday, which is the last major hurdle prior to getting our entire dossier translated and sent to China. (This is, as the kids say, a mega-w00t! occasion.)

One more big step towards Lorelai coming home to her family.


3 Responses to “The magic form, she is here!”

  1. Daiv says:


    (i never claimed to be other than a kid)

    (though i did take the time to find the entymology (what? Really? Bugs? OH!) that is, Etymology of the word… turns out to be a contractioin of “Wow Loot”.
    Make of this what you will.


  2. Hope says:

    Woot, indeed!!!!

    That is great news. Hang in there you two. Your wait will end before you know it and your lives will be thrown into a furious (but glorius) fast forward once you become parents.

    And when she’s a teen and tells you that you reall don’t love her, you’ll have all these posts archived for her to read. 😉 And then she’ll know just what a lucky girl she really is.


  3. Kim says:

    I’m so happy for you guys that it’s now starting to move forward. 🙂

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