Where to Next?

OK, an update on our latest travails. We have decided for various reasons that Vietnam is just not an option for us. I really got my heart a little bit broken on this one because I really wanted it to happen. But with 20-something NOIDs (Notice of Intent to Deny) being handed down by the USCIS to PAPs IN VIETNAM AT THE TIME (in the space of about 3 months!) and with major changes in how USCIS is dealing with Vietnam adoptions, we really hat to examine the program again. We have opted not. Just too much opportunity for ethical violations, despite the best efforts of agencies. Also the agreement that allowed Vietnam IA to begin again to the States is due to expire soon and who knows what those negotiations are going to do to the folks now in line.

So, no go on Vietnam.

We’re looking very hard at a different program now that is not in Asia. I’m not going to say where (although some of you already know) or make any predictions on when whatsoever. Just not going down that emotional rocky road for a little bit. When we have signed contracts or are closer to getting a dossier off to the country in question I’ll talk more about specifics.

Suffice it to say we still need to come up with boys names. And whatever it is has to work with Darren as a middle name (a family tradition in naming boys that goes back many generations.) We had always joked that if by some amazing alignment of the planets we actually got referred a boy from China we would have to name him Connor (actually the Irish Conchobar just ’cause we’re evil that way.) But I don’t really like the combination of Connor Darren. Plus on his side of the family we already have Karlee, Kendal and Kyle. Seriously, no K or hard C names… it would just be too much. All due apologies to my sisters-in-law…

Current contenders: Victor, Alexander, Michael. I like Patrick, too, but Darren doesn’t.

Oh, and while we have not turned our backs on China, the current trend means it is likely to be at least another 18 months before we’d have even a remote chance of seeing a referral. But we’re not abandoning hopes for our Lorelei. She’ll probably be a second child rather than a first though.

So, that’s all that’s fit to print for now.

As always, many blessings to you all,



4 Responses to “Where to Next?”

  1. Hope says:

    {{{hugs}}} Our thoughts and hearts are with you.

  2. Kim says:

    Yeah, it is all confusing right now.

    Hang on, you will find the right program, I am morally certain China will eventually come through. Then you can take on some other difficult and frustrating project.

    Evenutually it will come round right.

    If you get to San Diego give us a call


  3. Daiv says:

    Of names. I just got to meet my latest clan addition, Ulysess Alexander Louis R. (his second middle name really is R. Go fig). So… I am thinking, as evil names go, you could do a lot worse than Patrick. You can see a terrifying picture on my tribe blog.
    I am deeply sorry to hear that Viet Nam will not work out for you.

  4. I’m liking the names you’ve picked. When I first started reading, I thought you were not going with China for your child. My heart kind of sunk…. so glad that you are still going forward with China but adding another sibling into the mix. Just knowing you for the short time in Disney, I was so impressed with you and thought what an amazing person were and what a great momma….


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