Geeks These Days

I made a Dr Who reference at work today and the engineer I made it to didn’t get it. Aarrgghhh! What is this world coming to?

Fortunately as I was lamely attempting to explain, another engineer popped over and said “Oh, Dr. Who” and I ended up having a very geeky conversation about the relative merits of the new versus the classic series and of course the ever-pressing “who’s your favorite Dr.?” discussion.

The original engineer still looked baffled when we were done. <sigh>

Am I just geekier-than-thou or is there something wrong with this guy?

Just wondering…

Oh, and Aaron pointed this little treasure out to me. Enjoy!




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  1. opit says:

    What could be geeky about a Brit telephone booth outfitted to teleport itself through space and time at the whim of a future alien savant dedicated to preserving “the British Way of Life ?” That would be decidedly odd !

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