Time to stop thinking, and act

After watching everything that’s gone on in January, it’s time to commit. I just sent a chunk of cash to Barack Obama’s campaign and signed up to see how I can volunteer in the last few days before the California primary.

For the first time in my adult life, there’s a viable candidate that lets me proudly say “I want this guy as my next President.” Not the lesser of two evils, or a merely acceptable choice, but someone I believe can, and will, lead the country effectively in a time when we desperately need it.

As someone who has voted Republican or Libertarian more often than Democrat over the years I haven’t gone soft and converted to all of his policy preferences, but after reading his books, his policy papers, many of his advisors’ policy papers, a metric craploade of political analysis, and of course, listening to his once-in-a-generation oratory, I’m convinced that He Gets It.

He understands, as no other national-level politician I’ve ever seen does, how to solve problems, and has a clear vision of the most important problems the next President will be faced with. He also has the integrity, charisma, and force of will necessary to lead effectively.

I had about three more paragraphs explaining why I think he’s the right guy for the United States and why I think the most common criticisms of him are completely unfounded, but then I realized I can type out arguments all day and still not make the point a tenth as well as he already has:


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