Darren’s pre-Super-Ginormous-Tuesday post

Unlike my wife, I haven’t voted yet, but will on my way home from work. Obviously my vote is going to Obama also. I’ll be immersed in the various news sites and political blogs as work allows today, and will be glued to the TV and Internet from home tonight.

I think it’s impossible to underestimate how big a day in American politics this is, not only for the very positive things that are going on in the Democratic Party for the first time in a generation, but also for what’s happening on the other side.

After watching the Romney and McCain campaigns over the last few days and seeing a bunch of right wing and libertarian commentary, the GOP race has turned into a train wreck in a way that will be ultimately good for both the GOP and the country.

McCain is poised for a huge win today over the increasingly hysterical opposition of the Clown Wing of the party (Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, et al) and many of the more loathsome theocrats like James Dobson. This is good. It’s long past time to fumigate the big tent of GOP politics and return some meaning to the term “conservative.”

Unfortunately, McCain is no prize candidate himself, and I sincerely hope the mainstream press starts flushing out some of the ways that he’s dangerously unsuited to be President once they get over the current narrative of “spunky maverick underdog takes on the Establishment.”

Even so, I eagerly await today’s results with a mixture of hope, awe, and fear for my country.

Please vote, and feel free to join in the discussion in the comments.


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