Finally into 2006

Quick China adoption update. Sorry, there’s nothing that great to post but here’s our latest information.

The most recent round of referrals started showing up on the 3rd. The CCAA has finally broken into the 2006 LIDs, referring through January 4th. By the calendar this is 8 days but unfortunately because of the New Year’s holiday it’s more like 5 days.

So, still slightly depressing.

Just a reminder, our LID is 4-25-2006. Now this may seem like it is really close but it really isn’t. That is roughly 111 LIDs between the last round of referrals and our LID. In the last 6 months, they have averaged about 6.5 days per month of referrals. So, if they continue at the same pace, that’s roughly 17 more months of waiting. Plus or minus. I’m guessing closer to 18 months.

We are still considering whether to try a concurrent adoption from Country A. We have to have one year between the completion of one adoption and the referral from China. Agency A is saying they believe the whole adoption from Country A will take about a year (depending on how much on the ball we get.) We have the option of putting our dossier on hold for up to 6 months, plus the estimated 18 months yet to wait, it is just possible that we can still complete a concurrent adoption before China comes through. However, things really do have to fall into line for this to work out, so we are still weighing the options. Waiting for some information from our placing agency before we make a final decision.

Have an agency picked if we decide to go through with the concurrent.

We’ll keep you updated.

Blessings all!


(Edited for clarity – sorry ’bout that folks.)


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