Some non-adoption related updates of our life.

I had jury duty just after we got back from Estrella War and ended up being there for 3 days! I didn’t make it onto the jury but was in the pool for a big trial so I got to sit there and listen to the same 20 questions over and over again. Did I mention it was 3 days? But at least I made $34.76.


It’s a good thing my employer pays for jury duty. I really think it ought to be made mandatory for employers to pay their employees for serving jury duty. Either that or the counties need to start paying way more than $15 a day for people to serve. I’ll have more politically charged commentary on this experience if I can ever get what I want to say about it to sound far more intelligent than a 5th grade social studies book.

Last weekend (not the one just past be the one previous) we finally had some catch up time with the West Coast Ts. Went wine tasting with the T-2 and Aaron and then we met T-4 for dinner at Brooks. It was really nice to catch up. Although I wish we’d had more time with T-4. Silly uncles coming into town! I never really forget why I love the Ts but it is nice to get a real life reminder. Sorry you missed it, T1. I wonder if we can convince everyone to go out to CT for the next baby blessing. 😉

I’ve been sick with the creeping crud for days now. Missed a bunch of work – although “missed” is not really the right word (hee) – and essentially didn’t leave the couch for 3 days. It sux to have asthma because even a small cold turns into a big deal. It also sux to have a job in which you basically get exposed to every single illness going around. If I didn’t get my flu shot every year I’d be ill even more often. Finally back at work and of course I am being punished for having been gone. Although I guess it’s always nice to be truly needed at work.

This coming weekend is Darach’s big weekend event . Darren is feast-0-crating again. Going to be a great weekend for food. A member of our chosen family who shall remain nameless but it begins with Kelvin (LOL!) is turning a big round number on Sunday. Happy birthday, dear!

On the bio family front, my newest second cousin, Esther Lieske Rebekka, was born on March 4th. Congrats to proud papa Ezra and mama Marieke. Also to Esther’s Oma, Opa and Omi!

Here’s the obligatory pic:


Paul has a fairly good shot at a job as a peer counselor with Goodwill Industries in New York. Please send good energy and prayers his way. I think this would be a good thing for him.

Many blessings all!



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  1. Pale Rider says:


    Love your blog–it’s interesting to read about your experiences with adoption. My cousin was adopted from an orphanage in South Korea back in the mid-1980s and my aunt and uncle were ecstatic that they were able to adopt him and bring him into their lives. Not long after that, South Korea scaled back and made it much harder for adoptions–I’ve never understood why.

    Thanks for your visit and I’ll check back when I can. Brooks looks like a fantastic place to eat!

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