So Now it’s December

Yikes! This year seems to be flying by even more than others.

So need to catch up on a few bits of news here. The biggest piece is that my brother is a dad! To three kids! Heh, went from none to 3 in the space of a few short weeks. His step-parent adoption of his wife Ady’s two older kids, Anthony and Nuni, was official earlier in November! (Pics of them whenever my brother finally sends them. Hint, hint!)ย Yey! Pictures!

Nuni and her mom, Ady

Anthony Jr

Anthony Gangsta

Nuni Diva

Then on the 19th, Pamela Ann was born.

My baby niece!

Baby Pam got the family nose, more’s the pity. LOL!

Baby Pam is named for our baby sister, who passed away at less than five months old. Her passing marked my childhood in ways I’m not always sure I even really grasp. I am very pleased that Paul and Ady chose to honor her memory in this way. They look a lot a like actually.

My little sister

While I’m on a slightly somber note, last Tuesday marked the day that my mother would have turned 64. I miss you so much Mom. I wish you could have met your grandchildren in this life. And here you thought the only ones you’d have were the furry kind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Some pics of my mom, who was a remarkable woman, a fact of which I am reminded with even greater clarity as I navigate the waters of parenthood.

Mom as a baby

Mom and her sister Sally

Mom and Dad

One of the few pictures from Mom and Dad's wedding

And yes, Grandma wore black. ๐Ÿ™

Mom's senior portrait

I think this may have been their car in Germany

Mom's passport photo with baby Paul

Oma, Oom Jim, Mom, Paul, Dad, Opa and Tante Joyce

One of the few solo pics of Mom (I love this one!)

Mom, Paul and Nike

Mom and Paul

Mom, Paul, cousin Carrol and her baby



Mom, Dad and Paul

Mom, Paul and baby me!

Paul, Mom and me

Dad and Mom circa 1976

Mom, looks like Easter probably 1976

Dad and Mom circa 1986

Mom's 40th birthday

Mom and Dad's 25th anniversary

Mom doing one of her favorite passtimes

Mom with Darren and me at our wedding

And, of course, the obligatory cute kid pics!

Hanging around with Jo-jo

Funny faces!

Impatiently waiting for the tram at Disneyland

"I drive!"

Funny faces!

His feet finally touch!

Eating food bigger than one's head is not recommended.


Yes, I let my son play with a plastic bag; get over it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Waiting for the monorail

Unimpressed child is unimpressed.

Nap time! (with Uncle Kelvin)

Yes, he does love that carousel.

Watching the candle-light processional at Disneyland (with lollipop.)

Alexei is way grooving on the Xmas season again. This year we actually decorated the house – even got a small (fake) tree and hung some little ornaments. I’m looking forward to putting some actual presents under it!

More later, my friends and family.

Much love to all and sundry.




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