Carnival of Bad Logic and Worse History

While I’m very happy about today’s California Supreme Court decision striking down the abominable ban on same-sex marriage, it does mean every talk radio station in SoCal is inundated with the predictable range of yahoos trying yet again to justify their bigotry using the same old bad arguments.

Strangely enough the ones who just outright lie and yell and stamp their feet bother me a lot less than the more ‘reasonable’ crowd who torture logic and history well past their breaking point to try and come up with a dispassionate case for their hatred. No, marriage throughout history has most certainly not been solely to support human procreation. And no, marriage throughout history has not been the exclusive domain of one man and one woman. And yes, if your argument is a catalog of these, you fail.

(And yes, my car will be in the shop for quite a while longer, which means no iPod on my commute, which means lots more random rants here based on which hot buttons the various asshats on the radio have pushed each day. You Have Been Warned.)


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