And now it’s March

Not much to say. I’ve been sick all frackin’ month and I’m just so tired I could curl up and sleep for weeks.

Alexei is doing well, though, he’s not been a happy camper with Mommy sick and his Routine all blown to hell. Ah, well, he’s a sweet boy and does well all things considered. He’s about to have a big growth spurt again if the eating is any sign. LOL!  He got a new, bigger trike this week – in pink because that’s what he wanted – and it has been quite the hit. Have to enforce wearing the helmet as he’s quite the little daredevil on it. He’s needed this new bigger trike for a while and boy can he MOVE on it.

Poor Darren is burning the candle at both ends taking care of me and Alexei while carrying work at a gallop. Hopefully I’ll get over this soon so he can have a break! And thank goodness for Sally and Richard as well who have been a big help as well.

Also Stacy, Alissa and Linda for helping me take care of Jo-jo.

Hope this finds you all well.



I'm too cool for school

I’m too cool for school

Happy boy!

Happy boy!

This is why we need a helmet

This is why we need a helmet




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