In Germany

Just a brief post.

I am here in Germany and it is about 9:30pm. I am pretty darn exhausted but trying to stay awake so that I will sleep through the night. Unfortunately I need to be at ETAS in Feuerbach before 9am tomorrow ready to work so I cannot afford to wake up at 4am! 🙂

Mostly uneventful travel other than I got to the Oxnard airport just as they were calling my flight. Fortunately the nice customer service rep was able to get me checked in all the way through to Frankfurt. Really nice because I a) had to change terminals (going from Terminal 8 to Tom Bradley International for those who know LAX) and b) got to miss out on the loooong line at Lufthansa at LAX. Although it was annoying to go through security twice. *sigh* Still way worth not having to drive to LAX.

They had to bus us out to the back-of-beyond to board the Great Mucking Plane to Frankfurt. Met my Ann Arbor compatriot in Frankfurt and grabbed the train to Stuttgart. (ICE train very nice!) So with the car ride to Oxnard I now only need to find a boat tour somewhere to be able to say I’ve traveled by all the major modes of transport on this trip. Heehee.

Really cool things going on in Stuttgart right now. The exhibition of the Buddy Bears is just awesome. And there is apparently a GLBT festival taking over a large part of the pedestrian areas of downtown. Also went by the Stiftskirche (sorry, it’s only in German. You can run the site through Google for the English translation) which I had not seen before. Really wishing I had bothered with bringing the real camera out because there are some awesome statues, tombs and effigies I’d love to have better pics of, including a relief of the counts of Stuttgart in their armor. I don’t think the cell pics will do it justice. Also the gift shop was closed and I couldn’t even buy post cards or the guide book. *double sigh*

Walked around the rest of the pedestrian areas which were busy even though most of the shops are closed (it being Sunday and all.) One does not expect to see a group of musicians in Native American costume in Germany. Very interesting…

Decent Swabian dinner here at a restaurant I will have to find the name of again later. Now I’m back at the hotel.

That’s all that’s fit for print for the time being. Going to read and pass out.

Blessings all!



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