Little Bit Tipsy, Whole Lot Tired

Been a long day and I am still ‘laggin’. (I really don’t sleep well without you, darling Darren.)

Discovered I can still remember enough German to understand when I was asked by the waitress at breakfast what I wanted and what my room number is and even enough to tell her what I wanted and and give her my room number – even if it was only by ones. Zwei einz drei is the same as 213, right? 😉

A long day at work. The training room has air-conditioning (thanks be to All that is Holy) but my German compatriots kept getting cold and turning it off. *sign* Learned a lot though. SCCM is actually a good solution for us, even if it is yet another M$ product. Always fun to learn something new, too. Hopefully I’ll still say it was worth the trip by the end of the weekend.

Speaking of which… Lufthansa is on strike. Please pray, send energy, dance under the moon – whatever – that they resolve it successfully before Sunday as I would really like to be home come Sunday night.

Lunch in Little Istanbul at a Turkish place. 6 Euro for delicious but mysterious meat, salad, rice and a drink is actually not bad in my book.

Just got back from an evening out with coworkers. Great Thai place for dinner though not as good as Lotus of Siam. The “Chinese” waiter was a hoot! Gave the guys crap as I ended up paying. 😉 Now 3 bars, several drinks and a Haagen-Daaz run later, I am back at my room.  Just texted my hubby. Now I am going to swallow a bunch of ibuprofen and water and go to bed.

Miss my husband and my cats, but it was a good evening and I’m a lot more relaxed.

Blessings all!



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