Is what CalTech has downgraded the earthquake in Chino Hills to… Learned about the quake when my love texted me – the “I’m OK” definitively did NOT stop my heart from leaping into my throat though, let me tell you. So far all family and friends accounted for and only slightly shaken or stirred. My brother called me from NY just as I was calling Darren. LOL! Happy to report I was nowhere near it. But my buddy Vince who’s from Germany was all excited because he finally got to experience a real California earthquake. 😉

Another long but productive day. Cantina food for lunch today unfortunately. *sigh* Maybe back to the Turkish place tomorrow. We’re going out to an Asian bufffet with the rest of my IT co-workers tomorrow and then billiards. Ought to be interesting. Shingo-san is here from our Yokohama office so we’re laughing about him coming all this way just to eat sushi. 🙂

Also got to see the Marktplatz. Lovely meats, produce and OLIVES! *VBG* Sat in the park munching our loot before wandering over to the biergarten for Haehnchen mit pommes frites (basically fried chicken and french fries) and some weissbeir.

Ran into Shingo on the way over to another bar. Shingo likes to go to Hawaii (it’s cheap for folks from Japan to visit) and learned to play ukulele there. He spent a few hours in the Schlossplatz playing for tips. Then played a little for me Joe and Nick after we dragged him out to dinner (for him) and (more) drinks. He’s very good.

Finished up a bit later than I would have liked. Hopefully I can still get enough sleep tonight to go out on the town tomorrow!




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