It’s 7am

Don’t know how coherent this will be. Watching the rain come down and now I miss the heat. LOL!
Just a shout out to our Corri who is sore but doing alright after her surgery. Corri’s been having such a tough time of it but she is such a fighter and has a great attitude. Between her and the docs, I know she’ll be back on her feet in no time.

We love you, girl! Hang in there.

Wed was a long day. After still not sleeping well and being out too late (we’re blaming it on Nick!) the whole IT department went to dinner at the Asian buffet. It was actually pretty good, a mix of Chinese and Japanese foods. Shingo must have thought it was ok to judge by the number of plates he went through. Unfortunately they were doing Tappan Yaki, which was good but they have 5 large cook tops going. Between that and the Germans’ nearly pathological aversion to A/C (except Vince of course) the place was a great big oven. SO most of us ended up outside on the stairs.

Then we walked over to a billiards place a few blocks down were I proceeded to shark the other IT guys at least for the first two games. I’m really not usually that good but for some reason I was just on! Even sank a cross-table bank shot… left handed. I kid you not. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it dropped either.

Wrapped up a little before 11 and Nick helped us navigate the U and S bahn back to the hotel. Actually, the train system here is pretty easy to work with and of course is fast and efficient. And usually pretty clean.

Last night we had dinner with Nick his fiance Connie and got to meet his 4 month old baby Lucy. Middle name Fer. Just kidding but that is what they call her. LOL. She’s actually a very sweet baby. Needless to say with a wee one around, the family called an early night. Joe and I grabbed a drink at a bar near our hotel, then came back via the crepes cart on the corner of Koeningstrasse.

Well, time to get ready for work. Last full day in Stuttgart. So far looks like I get to come home on Sunday but keep your fingers crossed!




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