This Should Count as 2 Posts in 1 day, Right?

Since technically I posted at 7am CEST and 11pm CEST on Friday…

The posting dates are in PDT though so I guess the site disagrees with me. 😉

Anyway, last day of trainings, Glory Be. I’m really tired of hot stuffy rooms and cafeteria food. Though we actually went out to Turkish food again. Really, really good.

Long Friday though. Had to be in early to get a Subversion repository for my Bosch associates back home then run off to class. Called the airline at lunch again just to be sure I still have a flight (so far so good though Shingo-san is on a plane tomorrow for 11 hours without food service. Ach!) Met with Juergen (IT manager for ETAS Europe) briefly when I happened to luck into the birthday celebrations for another IT co-worker (Happy Birthday Karin!)

After work I put Joe on the ICE back to Frankfurt with instructions to tell me how to get to the hotel tomorrow. Dinner at a nice Italian place in Markt Plazt called Empore. Yum! They server fresh products from the Markt Halle we went to earlier in the week. (Going there tomorrow to pick up some snacks for the train.) Then strolled through Koeningstrasse and the rest of the downtown area just enjoying the cool evening (yes, the weather finally broke.)

Tomorrow I’m off to Frankfurt and will take a whirlwind tour to a few choice places (hopefully) after getting checked in. Then finally homeward bound on Sunday (knock on wood.) Yey!

Still miss my hubby, my cats and my own bed.

Blessings all,



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