Stolen from Daily Kos

The elitist label that the McCain campaign has been trying to hang on Obama has been driving me nuts. So I thought I’d share this wonderful comparison I found on Daily Kos (original source not noted) that both made me laugh and cheer.

Who's the Elitist?

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3 Responses to “Stolen from Daily Kos”

  1. Cat says:

    Actually I found the sources, clicking through from Daily Kos:

    Larger (full size) image:

    Source for McCain properties:

    Source for cars for candidates:

  2. Cat says:

    Oh, and I meant to say that the source articles are eye-opening too. *sigh* This election is wearing me out. *grr*

  3. cavalaxis says:

    I before E except after C,
    Or when sound as A, as in “neighbor” and “weigh”.


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