24 hours later, and it gets WTFier

So, around lunch time members of Congress from both parties announce they’ve reached agreement in principle on their Great Wall Street Giveaway. Now at dinner time there’s no deal due apparently to McCain and some hard-right Republicans showing up at the White House meeting and saying “no deal,” but without proposing any alternative.

Is this really all so McCain and Palin can have a lame excuse to duck out of a couple debates they’re not prepared for? There’s got to be more to it than this, right? What’s their game at this point?


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  1. cavalaxis says:

    What was it Colbert said? “Our financial system is on the brink of extinction. Okay, so it’s the same brink it was yesterday, but today, it’s BRINKIER.”

  2. cavalaxis says:

    Also, your entries are still truncated in RSS reader. 😛

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