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I’ve become obsessed with other people’s China adoption blogs. When we first started the adoption journey, I read a lot of blogs to try to get some idea what the process was like etc. Now it’s mostly some of the other folks who are still waiting. Not quite sure what that’s about… a streak of masochism maybe? Misery loves company? The emotional equivilant of picking at a scab or poking an open wound I guess.

Anyway, my latest obsession is the Rumor Queen site. This is one of several that speculates on what the CCAA may do next. Probably a pretty toxic pastime considering how opaque the agency actually is. But there is some good data there for those of us who enjoy such things. Also a really good resource on all types of issue surrounding adoption. Including, you guessed it, links to other blogs. 😉

Battling a lot of frustration right now about the wait. And yes, I do know it has only been three months and there is a long time to go. It’s especially hard every time someone asks “so… how’s the adoption going?” I am going to get a whole mess of tee-shirts made up with the logo from the last post. It’s not that I don’t appreciate everyone caring enough to ask… I just kinda wish they’d stop. I promise everyone will hear anything we know as soon as humanly possible. I hate to sound pissy or mean. It’s just right now it’s emotionally draining to think about much less talk about.

We are very fortunate to have a great placing agency in Harrah’s that tells us everything they know as soon as they know it. They do not deal in rumors and speculation, just the facts as they have been told them. It’s really very comforting. And as far as I can tell, their information has always been right. So although I still go look at the rumor sites, I form my opinions about what is coming next from what they tell me at Harrah’s and nothing else.

Also fortunately, I have been introduced to a new obsession, World of Warcraft. This is an evil, evil game. Whatever you do, do NOT go out and buy it and start playing immediately! You will lose sleep, quit showering and forget the names of your spouse, children and other loved ones. You will lose your job and some portion of your sanity. I insist that you do NOT get this game! 😉 (More server time for me!)

Until next time, blessings and love,

Janice and Darren


4 Responses to “Blog obsession”

  1. Daiv says:

    So Darren finally corrupted you?
    Which server are you playing on? What kind of character(s) do you have?

  2. Daiv says:

    oh, and when you get the t-shirts made, I want one.

  3. site admin says:

    We’re both on Vek’nilash. Feel free to transfer over or re-roll and come see us 🙂

  4. Deb says:

    I promise not to ask how things are going when we finally hook up for lunch. I can totally relate to how tiring it gets to discuss certain subjects.

    Take care and have fun with WoW.

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