Requiescat in Pace, Dear Brother

Paul D. Moyen-van Slimming passed into the Next Life on February 21st, 2019 after suffering a massive heart attack and anoxic brain injury. We’re having a small, private memorial for him this Sunday. His remains will be laid to rest with my parents and my younger siblings in Lompoc as soon as I can get all the details arranged.

Paul had been living in NYC for the past few years so it had been quite some time since I’d seen him in real life. We hadn’t been close emotionally in years, even before he’d put so many miles between us, but we loved one another.

Paul had many struggles in life, not the least of which was his bipolar disorder, which led to self-destructive behaviors when he wasn’t well medicated. He was also a recovering addict.

We had not been close in no small part due to some of those behaviors, and too many harsh words and misunderstandings between us. But as kids, we were a team, we had each other’s back, always. Even as adults I worried about and rooted for him. And I am so glad the last words I had for him were of love and support.

He was passionate and proud and over the top and often too full of life, at least when his depression wasn’t holding him down. He had a lovely singing voice and was an amazing actor and story teller. He was Keeper of the Stories after Mom passed away, even the ones that embarrassed him. He enjoyed reminding me of all the silly things we did as kids and the funny, odd things our parents said and did.

In his adopted home of NYC, he had found work for which he was passionate – helping others with their journeys through mental illness and addiction. He also had online and IRL friends, if not the entirely ones I had thought he had. (More on that another time perhaps.)

He was my brother. And I loved him and and honor him for who he was. And will miss him dearly for the rest of my days.

See you in the Summer Lands or in our next lives, my dear big brother!

Bright blessings and love, always.



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