Election Update

In addition to the Powell endorsement, the Obama campaign also released some revolutionary fund-raising numbers today. In addition to the mind-boggling total of $150 million, the way they got there is what’s going to hopefully change politics in this country forever (via DailyKos):

* 632,000 new donors last month alone.
* 3.1 million individual donors to date. No PAC money at all.
* Average contribution for the month is still under $100 (for the year, the average is $86).
* Retirees and students are the two groups which have given the most contributions.

It’s impossible to overstate how huge these numbers are. We’ve never seen this much grassroots participation in a national campaign before, and the momentum is only growing. I never thought I’d emotionally geek-out over a political campaign the way I do over stuff like this:

As we head into the last 2 weeks of election season I am more excited and optimistic than ever before in my life, and really hope and expect enough of my countrymen will agree here, as this is likely to be the most important and historic election I’ll ever see.

Update: Now this is what integrity looks like:


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